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Ability Essence (also called ability point or "AP") is the currency used for acquiring spells and abilities. Players begin the game with 9 AP, which is about enough for picking their 2-4 starter abilities. Starting at level ten, they receive an ability essence every level, meaning a max level character will have 70 AP to spend.

The counterpart of ability essence is the talent essence, which is used for picking talents.

A fresh character! So much potential.

Each ability has a different price of AP required to acquire. The price is chosen to match the power level of the ability; for example, one of the most powerful abilities, divine shield, costs 6 AP, while most cost 2 or 3.

In addition, some of the abilities also cost an extra talent point, and can be found in the talent trees. Those abilities are called 'Talent abilities'.

Spending ability essence

Methods of Picking Abilities vary between Game Modes. Some realms, such as Seasonal Realms, have specific fixed Game Modes that you have to play by, where as regular realms or Legacy Realms, you can select between a Regular Gameplay or many other modes, such as Wildcard, Draft Mode, Ironman, etc. 

In Game Modes like Wildcard or Draft Mode, abilities are automatically and randomly picked by the System. In any case, abilities can be unlearned using a Scroll of Unlearning or Scroll of Fortune.

If you use it in Free Pick you will be refunded the AP cost of such ability. If used in Wildcard or Draft Mode, a new ability of SImilar Value will be rolled randomly. 

If you wish to completely undo your choices, you can refund/re-roll all your abilities at once by using an Ability Purge. Each Character begins with 3 Purges and when they are depleted each purge will cost Gold, use them wisely. 

You can gain more purges from Nozdormu by gaining Marks of Ascension and turning them in into him. Note: You can only do this when you’re 100% out of Purges. 

You can also gain 1 Ability Purge by heading into a Major City and accepting Chromie’s automatically completed Quest. She’ll appear once a month.