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What is Classless WoW?

Classless WoW is a Mod known as Project Ascension for WoW. You pick abilities, talents, and enchants from any class and create your own unique hero. You can combine classes in any way you want. It is progressing through Vanilla, The Burning Crusade (Current), and Wrath of the Lich King.

  • Pick spells from any class
  • Pick talents from any spec without required investment
  • Build your class with any combination you can imagine
  • Empower and enable your custom class with Mystic Enchants
  • Create a brand new WoW class!
Classless wow server

Classless wow UI

Is Project Ascension Free?

Yes. Project Ascension is completely free. You can download and play without paying anything, no monthly subscription is required. Here is how to play Ascension free:

  1. Get the Launcher
  2. Make an Account
  3. Player the Game
Project Ascension free wow server

Project Ascension is free

Is Project Ascension Pay to Win?

No. Project Ascension is not Pay to Win. You can only buy cosmetic and convenience items like mounts and transmogrification sets. You will never win or lose a fight on Ascension based on in-game purchases. Skill and Knowledge are the determining factors to win on Ascension. The build you create really determines how powerful you will be, not how much you spend.

Is Project Ascension Dead?

No, Project Ascension is not dead. It has over 1 million players accounts created since 2016 and a very active current population. The game is in continual development and is always attracting new players.

You will encounter thousands of players in the world at all levels, in dungeons, battlegrounds and capital cities. The Auction House is always active with tens of thousands of unique buyers and sellers. Ascension's high population is reflected in every area of play.

Is Project Ascension Dead?
Project Ascension is not dead

Is Project Ascension Safe to Download?

Yes. Project Ascension is safe to download. It has been downloaded by millions of players. Some players have windows defender showing a false positive report for the launcher download which is common for many MMORPGs. The game launcher downloads all of the game content and this seems suspicious to windows and overly aggressive virus scanners.

When will Project Ascension release The Burning Crusade?

Project Ascension released The Burning Crusade on 8/21/2020. You can log in, create your own custom class and conquer the Outlands today!

Watch The Burning Crusade Update here.

Watch The Burning Crusade Updates here.

Will Project Ascension be shutdown?

Project Ascension will not be shutdown. Ascension's servers have been online since 2016. Players use a completely legal 3.3.5 version of the client to login.

How do I play WoW with random abilities?

WoW with random abilities is a game mode that you can play on Project Ascension Classless WoW.

  1. Register, download and install Project Ascension at here
  2. Log on to the Season 7 Server from Realm Select, currently Al'ar.
  3. You will automatically enter Draft Mode when creating a new character on Al'ar.
  4. Kill mobs, earn experience, roll new abilities!
Watch full Starter Guide here.

Watch full Starter Guide here.

Does Project Ascension allow bots, hackers, exploiters, and cheaters?

No. The Project Ascension team actively bans all bots, hackers, exploits, and cheaters. They expect all players to be on the same level with no unearned advantages. They go as far as to disable many advantageous addons and multi-boxing software such as spy and Isboxer. There is a bug-tracker on the site to report game breaking exploits and cheaters.

Does Project Ascension ban people for bad language or unpopular opinions?

No. Project Ascension will never ban you from the game for the things you say in chat. They do not tolerate abusive language to other players, but even that only results in a temporary chat ban.

You can view the Project Ascension Code of Conduct at:

Is Project Ascension Balanced?

Project Ascension has a team dedicated to balance and makes changes to abilities, talents, and enchants consistently. They make sure there is always a lot of build diversity in the game, so you can play whatever you want.

You can always check out the latest changes from the changelog at:

Ascension is balanced

The changelog is updated daily, because Ascension is updating and improving every single day!

Does Project Ascension Ban Gold Sellers?

Yes. Project Ascension actively bans gold sellers. Ascension uses extensive logging and metrics combined with active measure to ensure a fair game-play experience that is free from gold seller spam.

Is Project Ascension WoW legal?

Project Ascension is a legal World of Warcraft private server to play on. It is not illegal to play on. It is completely legal to download, install and play on Ascension WoW.