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Blacksmithing Trainers

You can learn Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Artisan Blacksmithing from trainers in every major city. You don't have to visit different trainers.

Alliance Trainers:

  • Therum Deepforge - Stormwind.
  • Bengus Deepforge - Ironforge.
  • Miall - The Exodar.
Blacksmithing Therum.png Blacksmithing Bengus.png Blacksmithing Miall.png

Alliance: Stormwind City

You mean you can't smell the smoke of the Dwarven forges from here? Well, you will be looking for Therum Deepforge if you want to learn blacksmithing. He's over in the Dwarven District which is just to the north of the Cathedral Square. He is found near the middle of the district, underneath a tent.

Alliance: Ironforge

Ye've come to the right place lass! People come here from all o'er the world to train to be a blacksmith. Ye'll find Bengus Deepforge hammering away at an anvil in the middle of our fine city by The Great Forge itself.

Alliance: The Exodar

  • Miall is our chief Blacksmith on the Exodar. She can be found on the lower level of the Trader's Tier. Go with the Light.
Alliance Blacksmithing Trainer locations
WorldMap Blacksmithing SW.png WorldMap Blacksmith EX.png WorldMap Blacksmithing IF.png

Horde trainers:

  • Saru Steelfury - Orgrimmar.
  • James Van Brunt- Undercity.
  • Bemarrin- Silvermoon City.
Blacksmithing Saru.png Blacksmithing James.png Blacksmithing Bemarrin.png

Horde: Orgrimmar

  • Talk to Saru Steelfury at The Burning Anvil. Go to the Valley of Honor. It's at the end of the path to the right of Red Canyon Mining.

Horde: Undercity

  • James Van Brunt runs a decent forge in the War Quarter. He's on the inner ring.

Horde: Silvermoon City

  • Bemarrin teacher the trade of blacksmithing in Farstriders' Square. While a somewhat... dirty trade, I suppose it has its merits.
Horde Blacksmithing Trainer locations
WorldMap Blacksmithing ORG.png WorldMap Blacksmithing UC.png Worldmap Blacksmithing SM.png

Outland trainers:

You can learn Master Blacksmithing from Kradu Grimblade and Zula Slagfury in Shattrath city. They can be found working in the great forge in the lower city.

  • Armorsmith Trainer - Zula Slagfury
  • Weaponsmith Trainer - Kradu Grimblade

Outlands Blacksmithing Trainer location
Blacksmithing Kradu.png WorldMap Blacksmithing Shatt.png Blacksmithing Zula.png

*Note: These are just the trainers that are found in Capital cities; there are others that can be found in and around towns as well.

Approximate Materials Required

Classic (1-300)

  • 150x Rough Stone
  • 150x Copper Bar
  • 95x Coarse Stone
  • 5x Silver Bar
  • 140x Bronze Bar
  • 105x Heavy Stone
  • 5x Gold Bar
  • 230x Iron Bar
  • 35x Green Dye - Sold by Tailoring and Leatherworking supply vendors
  • 190x Steel Bar
  • 520x Solid Stone
  • 60x Mageweave Cloth
  • 250x Mithril Bar
  • 20x Dense Stone
  • 470x Thorium Bar

TBC (300 - 375)

  • 170x Fel Iron Bar
  • 100x Netherweave Cloth
  • 140x Adamantite Bar



1 - 30

  • 40x Rough Sharpening Stone - 40 Rough Stone

30 - 65

  • 55x Rough Grinding Stone - 110 Rough Stone Save 10 Rough Grinding Stones.

65 - 75

  • 25x Coarse Sharpening Stone - 25 Coarse Stone

75 - 90

  • 35x Coarse Grinding Stone - 70 Coarse Stone
    Save the Coarse Grinding Stones. If you didn't reach 90 by making these, you could continue to the next step, but you will need a few more Copper Bars or make a few more Coarse Grinding Stones.

90 - 100

  • 10x Runed Copper Belt - 100 Copper Bar

100 - 105

  • 5x Silver Rod - 5 Silver Bar, 10 Rough Grinding Stone
    You can also skip this part and make Runed Copper Belt if you don't have any Silver Bar.

105 - 110

  • 5x Runed Copper Belt - 50 Copper Bar

110 - 125

  • 15x Rough Bronze Leggings - 90 Bronze Bar

125 - 140

  • 35x Heavy Grinding Stone - 105 Heavy Stone
    Keep the Heavy Grinding Stones. Make this one up to 150 if Heavy Stone is cheap.

140 - 150

  • 10x Patterned Bronze Bracers - 50 Bronze Bar, 20 Coarse Grinding Stone

150 - 155

  • 5x Golden Rod - 5 Gold Bar, 10 Coarse Grinding Stone
    Green Dye is sold by Tailoring and Leatherworking supply vendors.

155 - 165

  • 10x Green Iron Leggings - 80 Iron Bar, 10 Heavy Grinding Stone, 10 Green Dye

165 - 190

  • 25x Green Iron Bracers - 150 Iron Bar, 25 Green Dye

190 - 200

  • 10x Golden Scale Bracers - 50 Steel Bar, 20 Heavy Grinding Stone
    Alliance players should keep 6 of these. You might need them if you choose Armorsmithing.

200 - 210

  • 30x Solid Grinding Stone - 120 Solid Stone
    Keep at least 10 of these for the 225-235 part. Keep all of them if you bought the Plans: Mithril Spurs, and you will also have to make another 100. (you can make them later too)

210 - 225

  • 15x Heavy Mithril Gauntlet - 90 Mithril Bar, 60 Mageweave Cloth


  • 10x Steel Plate Helm - 140 Steel Bar, 10 Solid Grinding Stone
    Horde players should keep 4 of these. You might need them if you choose Armorsmithing.

235 - 250

  • Buy Plans: Mithril Spurs from the Auction House.
  • 20x Mithril Spurs - 80 Mithril Bar, 60 Solid Grinding Stone

250 - 260

  • 20x Dense Sharpening Stone - 20 Dense Stone

260 - 270

  • 20x Mithril Spurs - 80 Mithril Bar, 60 Solid Grinding Stone
    The recipe will be green for the last 5 points, so it's very hard to tell how many you have to craft.
    It's possible you will have to craft a lot more if you are really unlucky with the skill gains.

270 - 295

  • 28x Imperial Plate Bracers - 336 Thorium Bar
    You can get the Plans: Imperial Plate Bracers after completing the Imperial Plate Bracer quest in Tanaris for Derotain Mudsipper. The quest requires 10x Thorium Bar.
    The recipe will be yellow for the last 5 points, so you might have to make a few more. Don't leave before you buy the next recipe!
    The next recipe is also from the same NPC, so make sure to bring at least 30x Thorium Bar with you to buy the two recipes.

295 - 300

  • 5x Imperial Plate Boots - 90 Thorium Bar
    You can get the recipe from the same NPC as the previous one, but this quest requires 20x Thorium Bar.


300 - 305

  • 7x Fel Weightstone - 7 Fel Iron Bar, 7 Netherweave Cloth
    You might need to make more of these because you won't gain a skill point for every craft.

305 - 316

  • 11x Fel Iron Plate Belt - 44 Fel Iron Bar
    Make 11x Imperial Plate Boots if 198x Thorium Bar is cheaper than 44x Fel Iron Bar.

316 - 321

  • 5x Fel Iron Chain Gloves - 25 Fel Iron Bar
    Make 5x Imperial Plate Chest if 130x Thorium Bar is cheaper than 25x Fel Iron Bar.
    You can get the Plans: Imperial Plate Chest recipe from the Imperial Plate Chest quest. It requires 30x Thorium Bar.

321 - 325

  • 4x Fel Iron Plate Boots - 24 Fel Iron Bar

325 - 335

  • 45x Lesser Rune of Warding - 45 Adamantite Bar
    It's green for the last 5 points, so 45 is just an approximate number. You might need to make more.

335 - 340

  • 7x Fel Iron Chain Tunic - 63 Fel Iron Bar
    You might need to make more because the recipe is yellow.

340 - 350

  • 45x Lesser Ward of Shielding - 45 Adamantite Bar
    The recipe is sold by Rohok (Horde) at Hellfire Peninsula and by Mari Stonehand (Alliance) at Shadowmoon Valley.
    It's a limited supply item, so you have to wait if someone bought it before you. (15-60min respawn time). It's green for the last 5 points, so 45 is just an approximate number. You might need to make more or fewer.

350 - 360

  • 45x Adamantite Weightstone - 45 Adamantite Bar, 90 Netherweave Cloth
    This recipe is green for the last 5 points, so 45 is just an approximate number. You might need to make more or fewer.
    You can buy the recipe from Fedryen Swiftspear at Zangarmarsh. It requires an Honored reputation with the Cenarion Expedition faction. You can get Honored Cenarion Expedition from killing mobs in Steamvault, Underboug, and Slave Pens.


  • Get Plans: Khorium Belt from Murkblood Raiders in Nagrand.
  • 17x Khorium Belt - 51 Khorium Bar, 34x Primal Water, 34x Primal Mana

How do you Blacksmith in Classic WoW?

  • After learning Apprentice Blacksmithing from one of the trainers in major cities, you need to find an anvil to be able to start crafting. These anvils are generally next to Blacksmithing Trainers.

How do you level up Blacksmithing in Classic WoW?

  • The main way to level up Blacksmithing in Classic WoW is to turn materials into their refined form to then craft them into gear.

Where can I learn Blacksmithing in TBC Classic?

  1. Horde: Miall <Expert Blacksmith>, Trader's Tier, The Exodar who can be found in "60.6 89.6" coordinates.
  2. Alliance: Bemarrin <Expert Blacksmith>, Farstriders Square, Silvermoon City who can be found in "79.6 39.6" coordinates.

Where do I train Blacksmithing past 150 in Classic WoW?

  • Blacksmithing past 150 requires you to learn Expert Blacksmithing. You can find Expert Blacksmithing Trainers in these locations;
  1. Horde: Saru Steelfury in Orgrimmar.
  2. Alliance: Bengus Deepforge in Ironforge.
  3. Neutral: Brikk Keencraft in Booty Bay.

What is better Armorsmith or Weaponsmith in WOW Classic?

  • Armorsmiths can create powerful armor pieces to help you defend against your foes.
  • Weaponsmiths can create powerful weapon pieces to rip your opponents to shreds.

Generally DPS players would want to choose Weaponsmithing as the unique selection of weapons it provides is quite valuable especially in early progression.

On the other hand TANK players would want to choose Armorsmithing as the unique armor options it provides will be invaluable to be able to get ahead of the competition especially in raid progressions.

How do you choose Armorsmithing or Weaponsmithing in WoW Classic?

  • Once you reach at least level 40 with a Blacksmithing level of at least 200, you will be presented with an option to choose Armorsmithing or Weaponsmithing after a long quest chain. Deciding to swap between masteries will be with a hefty cost so be careful when making your choice!

How do you become a Macesmith (Hammersmith) in TBC Classic?

  • You have to be at least level 50 and have chosen Weaponsmithing. After that you need to complete the appropriate quest named "The Way of the Weaponsmith" which will allows you to be a Macesmith (Hammersmith)!

How do you become a Swordsmith in TBC Classic?

  • You have to be at least level 50 and have chosen Weaponsmithing. After that you will need to travel to Winterspring and speak with Seril Scourgebane. Completing his quests will allow you to become a Master Swordsmith.