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Enchanting Trainers

You can learn Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Artisan Enchanting from trainers in every major city. You don't have to visit different trainers.

Alliance Trainers:

  • Lucan Cordell- Stormwind.
  • Gimble Thistlefuzz- Ironforge.
  • Nahogg- The Exodar.
Enchanting Lucan.png Enchanting Gimble.png Enchanting Nahogg.png

Alliance: Stormwind City

Ah, you're looking for Lucan Cordell. He runs a shop on the outside of the Magic Quarter on your way to the Stockade.  You'll see him as you walk in the door, standing behind the counter.

Alliance: Ironforge

Ah, I believe Gimble Thistlefuzz is who ye'll be needing if yer looking to learn the Enchanter's profession. Ye'll find Gimble in his shop, Thistlefuzz Arcanery, right by the Gryphon Master at the Great Forge. He can be found at the top of the stairs, standing near a bookcase.  

Alliance: The Exodar

Our enchanters are located in the Crystal Hall opposite the jewel crafters. Light be with you. Seek out Nahogg, he will be able to teach you all the intricacies of Enchanting.

Alliance Enchanting Trainer locations
WorldMap Enchanting Darnassus.png WorldMap Enchanting SW.png WorldMap Enchanting EX.png

Horde trainers:

  • Godan - Orgrimmar.
  • Lavinia Crowe- Undercity.
  • Teg- Thunder Bluff
  • Sedana- Silvermoon City.
Enchanting Godan.png Enchanting Lavinia.png Enchanting Teg.png Enchanting Sedana.png

Horde: Orgrimmar

  • Can you enchant my axe? I'll want a permanent. Maybe later then. Find Godon's Runeworks on the west end of The Drag near the Valley of Wisdom.

Horde: Undercity

  • If you want to learn enchanting, go find Lavinia Crowe on the inner ring of the Apothecarium.

Horde: Thunder Bluff

  • Check out Dawnstrider Enchanters on the middle rise then. Teg will be more than happy to help you in whatever way he can.

Horde: Silvermoon City

  • The enchanter Sedana is currently accepting apprentices, I believe. You'll find her in one of the alcoves within the Court of the Sun.
Horde Enchanting Trainer locations
WorldMap Enchanting ORG.png WorldMap Enchanting UC.png Worldmap Enchanting SM.png WorldMap Enchanting TB.png

Outland trainers:

You can learn Master Enchanting from these trainers at Outland;

  • Horde: Felannia in Hellfire Peninsula at Thrallmar. She is hiding "behind" the stairs on the second floor of the tower on the cliff.
  • Alliance: Johan Barnes can be found near the top of the wizards tower in Honor Hold.

Outlands Enchanting Trainer locations
Enchanting Felannia.png WorldMap Outlands Herbalism.png Enchanting Johan.png

*Note: These are just the trainers that are found in Capital cities; there are others that can be found in and around towns as well.

Approximate Materials Required

Classic (1 - 300)

  • 125x Strange Dust
  • 1x Lesser Magic Essence
  • 12x Greater Magic Essence
  • 25x Lesser Astral Essence
  • 130x Soul Dust
  • 2x Greater Astral Essence
  • 240x Vision Dust
  • 2x Greater Mystic Essence
  • 5x Lesser Nether Essence
  • 360x Dream Dust
  • 40x Purple Lotus
  • 50x Illusion Dust
  • 4x Greater Eternal Essence
  • 2x Large Brilliant Shard
  • 1x Copper Rod
  • 1x Silver Rod
  • 1x Golden Rod
  • 1x Iridescent Pearl
  • 1x Truesilver Rod
  • 1x Black Pearl
  • 1x Arcanite Rod
  • 1x Golden Pearl

TBC (300 - 375)

  • 4x Greater Eternal Essence
  • 6x Large Brilliant Shard
  • 1x Fel Iron Rod
  • 640x Arcane Dust
  • 20x Lesser Planar Essence
  • 57x Greater Planar Essence
  • 15x Nightmare Vine
  • 37x Large Prismatic Shard
  • 1x Adamantite Rod
  • 1x Primal Might




  • 1x Runed Copper Rod - 1 Copper Rod, 1 Strange Dust, 1 Lesser Magic Essence
    Copper Rod is sold by Trade Good, Trade Supply, and Enchanting Supply vendors, don't buy the rod from the Auction House. The vendors are usually near your trainer somewhere.


  • Disenchant green quality items or make the following: 48x Enchant Bracer: Minor Health - 48 Strange Dust


  • 40x Enchant Bracer: Minor Health - 40 Strange Dust
    If Strange Dust is cheap and Greater Magic Essence is expensive on your realm, you can make this Enchant up to 120.


  • 10x Enchant Bracer: Minor Stamina - 30 Strange Dust


  • 1x Runed Silver Rod - 1 Silver Rod, 6 Strange Dust, 3 Greater Magic Essence


  • 9x Greater Magic Wand - 9 Simple Wood, 9 Greater Magic Essence


  • Buy these two recipes Formula: Enchant Bracer - Lesser Strength, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Minor Agility from Kulwia (Horde) in Stonetalon Mountains, or from Dalria (Alliance) in Ashenvale. These are limited supply recipes. If someone bought them before you, then you have to wait for it to respawn. I don't know the exact respawn timer, but it's between 30-50 min. (or just buy them from the Auction House)
    25x Enchant Cloak: Minor Agility - 25 Lesser Astral Essence


  • 20x Enchant Bracer - Lesser Stamina - 40 Soul Dust


  • 1x Runed Golden Rod - 1 Golden Rod, 1 Iridescent Pearl, 2 Greater Astral Essence, 2 Soul Dust


  • 40x Enchant Bracer - Lesser Strength - 80 Soul Dust
    Check the "110-135" step for recipe location. This one turns yellow at 165, however, if 2 Soul Dust is a lot cheaper than 1 Lesser Mystic Essence, keep making these until 185.


  • 15x Enchant Bracer: Strength - 15 Vision Dust


  • 1x Runed Truesilver Rod - 1 Truesilver Rod, 1 Black Pearl, 2 Greater Mystic Essence, 2 Vision Dust


  • 25x Enchant Bracer: Strength - 25 Vision Dust
    The enchant will be yellow, so you should buy enough dust to make it around 25 times.


  • 5x Enchant Cloak: Greater Defense - 15 Vision Dust


  • 5x Enchant Gloves: Agility - 5 Lesser Nether Essence, 5 Vision Dust
    Make Enchant Cloak: Greater Defense, if you don't have Lesser Nether Essence.


  • 5x Enchant Boots - Stamina - 25 Vision Dust


  • 25x Enchant Chest: Superior Health - 150 Vision Dust
    Try to hunt for Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina at the Auction House. It's a random world drop, but this recipe is the best to level Enchanting from 245 to 265 or even 285.


  • 20x Lesser Mana Oil - 60 Dream Dust, 40 Purple Lotus, 20 Crystal Vial
    You can make this one up to 270 if you can get cheap purple lotus. Kania sells the Formula: Lesser Mana Oil in Silithus. She is upstairs in the Inn.


  • 30x Enchant Shield: Greater Stamina - 300 Dream Dust
    The recipe is sold by Daniel Bartlett at Undercity, and by Mythrin'dir at Darnassus.
    IMPORTANT! The recipe binds when picked up! Don't make the mistake of trying to buy it with an alt and mail it. It's also limited in supply, this means you have to wait if someone bought it before you.


  • 1x Runed Arcanite Rod - 1 Arcanite Rod, 1 Golden Pearl, 10 Illusion Dust, 4 Greater Eternal Essence, 2 Large Brilliant Shard
    Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod is sold by Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade at Nighthaven. The next recipe is also sold by her, so don't leave before you buy that one too.


  • 5x Enchant Cloak: Superior Defense - 40 Illusion Dust
    Formula: Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense is sold by Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade at Nighthaven. You can continue to make Enchant Shield: Greater Stamina if you have a lot of dream dust, or if Illusion Dust is really expensive.


300 - 310

  • 1x Runed Fel Iron Rod - 1 Fel Iron Rod, 4 Greater Eternal Essence, 6 Large Brilliant Shard
  • 9x Bracer - Assault - 54 Arcane Dust

310 - 316

  • 6x Bracer - Brawn - 36 Arcane Dust
    You can continue to make Enchant Cloak: Superior Defense if you still have some Illusion Dust left, or if it's much cheaper than Arcane Dust.
    But at this point the recipe is getting close to turning green, so you have an even lower chance to gain skill points.

316 - 330

  • 16x Gloves - Assault - 128 Arcane Dust
    This recipe will be yellow between 20-30, so you might need to make more.

330 - 335

  • 5x Shield - Major Stamina - 75 Arcane Dust
    The recipe sold by Madame Ruby at Shattrath City. You should also buy  Formula: Superior Wizard Oil while you are there.
    Both of them are limited supply items, so if someone bought them before you, you have to wait for them to respawn. (5-10minutes)

335 - 340

  • 5x Shield - Resilience - 5 Large Prismatic Shard, 20 Lesser Planar Essence
    You can keep making Shield - Major Stamina if Large Prismatic Shard is too expensive.

340 - 350

  • 15x Superior Wizard Oil- 45 Arcane Dust, 15 Nightmare Vine, 15 Imbued Vial
    The recipe sold by Madame Ruby at Shattrath City. It's yellow already when you learn it, so you might need to make a few more.
    You can buy Imbued Vials from trade supply, or alchemy supply vendors.

350 - 360

  • 15x Enchant Gloves - Major Strength - 180 Arcane Dust, 15 Greater Planar Essence
    This recipe is yellow, so you might need to make a few more.

360 - 361

  • 1x Runed Adamantite Rod - 1 Adamantite Rod, 1 Primal Might, 8 Greater Planar Essence, 8 Large Prismatic Shard
    The Formula: Runed Adamantite Rod is sold by Rungor in Terrokar Forest at Stonebreaker Hold, and by Vodesiin in Hellfire Peninsula at the Temple of Telhamat.
    You can make the Runed Adamantite Rod at 350 too. The reason I would recommend making it at 360 instead of 350 is that it's still a guaranteed skill point, while the Gloves recipe is getting close to turning green, so it has a lower chance of giving you skill points.

361 - 365

  • 10x Enchant Gloves - Major Strength - 120 Arcane Dust, 10 Greater Planar Essence
    You might have to maker more than 10.

365 - 375

  • 12x Enchant Ring - Spellpower - 24 Large Prismatic Shard, 24 Greater Planar Essence
    The Formula: Enchant Ring - Spell Power is sold by Alurmi at Tanaris. It requires an Honored reputation with the Keepers of Time faction.