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What is Draft Mode?

Draft Mode is a game mode unique to Project Ascension. Every 2 levels you will draft 3 spell cards and choose between 1 of them. These spells can come from any classes' spells available for your level or below. This presents you with the challenge of creating the most powerful build you can from what you can draft, essentially creating a deck of abilities.

As you grow in levels and begin to fill out your deck with more and more powerful abilities, you gain the ability to assign talent points into any talent tree you want. Draft Fireball and Sprint? You can invest in Improved Sprint and Improved Fireball. Talents have no investment requirement, so you can empower the abilities you draft with no restrictions.

The journey does not end at max level. You will earn Hand of Fates through Daily quests which will require you to complete challenging end-game content. Overcoming these obstacles will allow you to redraft spells and refine your Hero, creating your ultimate class fantasy.

Drafting Spells

Draft Selection:

Every Draft will give you the choice of 3 abilities to pick from. Click each card to reveal the spell you drafted!

Draft Spell Selection.png Revealed Draft Cards.png

Picking your spell from the drafted cards:

Click the Learn Button at the bottom of the card to add that spell to your deck (and your spellbook). Drafting lower level spells at higher levels will still need their ranks trained. You can visit any class trainer in a capital city or use a Book of Ascension.

Notes on the Cards:

When players find new abilities in Draft Mode, they will be able to know immediately when they've found something really special or especially rare. When a Player drafts a spell, they will notice a Card rarity, a glowing border around the card. The rarity of a Card can range from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or even Legendary.

Common cards contain spells and abilities such as Frostbolt, Sinister Strike, Incinerate, etc. Spells and abilities placed in common are there as Foundational skills and allow for any player to find them most easily to start building for that specific build you want.

Uncommon cards contain Buffs and beneficial spells and abilities such as Thorns, Mark of the Wild and Blessing of Wisdom. Spells and abilities placed in Uncommon are there as modifiers and play an important roll in optimizing any player's damage, healing or ability to take damage.

Rare cards are often Passive powers, Truestrike Aura, Water Shield, etc. These will give your character the edge over someone that lacks these Rare cards.

Epic cards contain Crowd Control abilities such as Blast Wave, Polymorph and Death Coil, as to prevent a Meta based around locking your Opponent out of the game and making it unfun all around, these have been made hard to get, but equally so, rewarding to get your hands on.

Legendary cards are the rarest and hardest to get, they hold Utility spells and abilities that would have Universal appeal and would fit into any build, these include Blink, Ice Block and Divine Shield all fall under Legendary.

As a way to prevent those of you who are unlucky from never finding a Legendary and those of you who are extremely lucky getting nothing but, there has been a balancing system placed in to keep things fair. The more of a Rarity you have, the less likely you are to find another. Meaning, if you have gotten a Legendary, the harder it will be to get another one, but if you have no Legendaries the easier it will be to find one. Through this too, the player has influence over the RNG system, no longer will you need RNJesus to help you get Blink. Now, you will know that unlearning Epic cards will increase your chances of finding another.

Spell Rarity:

Spell and Skill Rarity.png

Each spell has a rarity between Common and Legendary

  • As you draft spells you uncover higher quality cards, indicated by the glowing border.
    • Common - No Border
    • Uncommon- Green Border
    • Rare - Blue Border
    • Epic - Purple Border
    • Legendary - Golden Border

Spell rarities.png

  • Individual Spells only have one rarity
    • Spells do not have multiple qualities. A spell will never have a Rare and an Epic version of the same spell. For example;
      • Fireball is common.
      • There is no Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary Fireball.
      • You cannot upgrade a cards rarity. Spell quality is static and tied to that specific spell.
  • Accumulating more of a specific rarity will reduce your chance to draft that rarity in future selections.
    • The less of a rarity card you have in your deck the higher your chances are to roll that rarity.
      • Unlearning an epic card will increase your chance to see epic cards in future Draft Selections for example.
    • By the same logic, the more Uncommon, Rare, Epic or even Legendary cards you have in your deck the less likely you are to roll that rarity.
      • With 2 Rare Cards you have a higher chance of seeing Rare Cards than if you had 5 Rare Cards for example.
      • This applies to each rarity separately. Acquiring many Rare Cards does not reduce your chance to roll Epic or Legendary cards.
      • Your total number of Rare cards do not impact your chances to draw Epic or Legendary cards. One rarity has no impact on another when calculating your chances to draft cards.

You can determine what rarity a spell is by opening your Character Advancement window:

You can open the Character Advancement menu by selecting the book icon on your minimap, hitting the up arrow icon in your menu bar or by hitting the 'N' key.

  • Spells, including those in the Talent Tree, will have a Blue, Purple or Golden border surrounding their spell icon to indicate their rarity.
  • If you are looking to acquire a specific spell, you can consider unlearning spells of that similar rarity to increase your chance to Draft that specific rarity.

Uncommon Spell Cards:

Uncommon Spells.png

  • Uncommon spells will generally make up your core damaging kit, situational power and non-combat utility.
    • Designed to be plentiful to allow you to build your core class fantasy and playstyle.
    • Offers situational power like Shackle Undead or Levitate.
    • Offers Non-Combat Utility like Conjure Water or Mind Soothe.

Core WoW Spells.png

Why are Uncommon Cards Important?

  • You will no longer be punished for playing with a more complex spell rotation that requires more core spells.
    • In previous seasons, acquiring more core damaging abilities meant you were actually gimping yourself by having fewer spells that offered passive power, leading to the most simple builds acquiring the most power and strongest utility.
      • Players who enjoy more simple builds can still do so, while also leaving room in their build for more non-combat and situational abilities.
    • No longer being forced to choose between core spells and passive power or utility will empower you to express your class fantasy without sacrificing your power potential.

Rare Spell Cards:

Rare Spells.png

  • Rare Spells are typically spells that provide active buffs, passive power and generally strong utility effects for majority of the builds.
    • Active Buffs include spells like Battle Shout, Frost Ward and Inner Fire.
    • Passive Power includes spells like Aspect of the Beast and Demon Skin.
    • There are exceptions like Blizzard, Divine Storm and Wyvern Sting.

Rare Spells World of Warcraft.png

Epic Spell Cards:

Epic Spells.png

  • Epic Spells are typically spells that grant your build powerful utility through Hard Crowd Control, Powerful Offensive/Defensive Cooldowns and Mobility Spells.
    • These spells allow you to specialize your unique build's strengths around your preferred playstyle.
    • Hard Crowd Control are spells like Hammer of Justice or Shadowfury.
    • Offensive/Defensive Cooldowns are spells like Barkskin and Arcane Power.
    • Mobility Spells include spells like Charge.

Epic WoW Spells.png

Legendary Spells:

Legendary Spells.png

  • Legendary Spells are those capable of changing the entire outcome of a fight when used that offer immense power to virtually any build.
    • Spells like Divine Shield, Ice Block, Blink or Deterrence fall under the Legendary category.

Legendary WoW spells.png

Re-Drafting Spells and End Game Build Progression in WoW Ascension

Skill Cards

Skill Cards are special cards usable at level 1 that guarantee you will roll that specific ability while leveling. Earned at max level, Skill Cards can be mailed to other characters on your account and used on a fresh alt, or they can be used if you choose to Prestige your max level character.

  • Skill Cards guarantee that you will draft a specific spell while leveling at the earlier possible level.
    • Using 2 or more skill cards for the same level spell will roll your second skill card at your next available Draft.
    • For example, using Cat Form, Poisons and Claw Skill Cards (all level 20) means you would roll Cat Form at level 20, Poisons at level 22 and Claw at level 24.
  • There are 2 types of Skill Cards:
    • Normal Skill Cards are earned at max level by completing Hand of Fate quests at Silas Darkmoon and opening Sealed Card Packs.
    • Golden Skill Cards are purchased from Silas Darkmoon (not available on Portable Silas Darkmoon).
  • You can have a total of 4 Skill Cards active on a character. 2x Normal Skill Cards and 2x Golden Skill Cards
  • Skill Cards are ONLY usable at level 1.
    • If you Prestige with a max level character, you can use new Skill Cards or replace existing Skill Cards with new ones.
  • Using a Skill Card with 2 of that type active will give you the option to replace an active skill card.
  • Skill Cards work in all specializations
    • If you use skill cards in Spec 1, you will also roll those skill cards in Spec 2-8.
    • Unlocking a brand new Spec will draft your current active skill cards in that new spec.
  • Skill Cards and Prestige
    • Prestige sets your character back to level 1.
    • ONLY the spec you Prestige in will be reset. All other specs are locked until max level.
    • This allows you to replace active Skill Cards with new ones.
      • Replacing a Skill Card WILL NOT remove those spells from locked specs.
      • If you use Cat Form while leveling, then replace it with Aimed Shot after prestiging, your locked specs WILL NOT lose Cat Form.
    • Using new skill cards after prestiging will not impact your locked specs.

Exchanging Skill Cards

You can turn the skills cards you don't want into Professor Thaddeus Paelo via the Sealed card options to get brand new sealed cards. You can find him next to Silas Darkmoon in any of the major cities (Stormwind, Orgrimmar or Shattrath).

Below you can see Professor Thaddeus Paleo next to Silas Darkmoon.

Professor Thaddeus Paleo.png

Skill Card Exchange.png

The system works like this;

  • 5 Rare Skill Cards will grant you 5 Sealed Skill Cards
  • 5 Epic Skill Cards will grant you 25 Sealed Skill Cards
  • Recycled Rares grant you 1 Sealed Skill Card
  • Recycled Epics grant you 5 Sealed Skill Cards
  • Recycled Legendaries grant you 25 Sealed Skill Cards

In addition to these, each Sealed Skill Card you open will grant you a Darkmoon Ticket.

Darkmoon Tickets

You can talk to Silas Darkmoon about the Darkmoon Ticket Prizes.


He will provide you with 3 options;

  • Skill Cards
  • Golden Skill Cards
  • Cosmetics and Toys

You can spend your Darkmoon Tickets to get various prizes from cosmetics to skill cards which will add flavour to your journey.

Limitations and random logic

You can only roll abilities that you are qualified to receive level-wise. For example, you can not roll a lvl 40 ability when you are lvl 10. As such, at lvl 1 you can only roll abilities that are available at lvl 1. Skill Cards act as learned spells when determining your chance to roll higher rarity spells. If you skip your Skill Carded ability at that level, it will no longer affect your chances.

While you are given a spell at random, there is some logic in place to help avoid getting a spell you cannot use at all. For example you would not get Maul without Bear Form, or a Judgement spell without a Seal. But if you were to take for example Bear Form, you will have a greater chance to receive skills that can be used in Bear Form.

Character Development

While you may not have full control over how your character develops, there is plenty you can do to ensure you achieve your full potential. You may not be the one selecting your spells and abilities, however you can determine your attribute point distribution, talents, and equipment. You will even be able to re-roll some abilities occasionally if you find that it truly lacks any place in your build by using a Hand of Fate.

Learning New Abilities

For the first 9 levels you will not gain any Ability Essence. From level 10 onwards you will gain one Ability Essence and one Talent Essence every time you level up. This means you will get a selection of three new skills every 2 levels.  As stated before, you can't learn skills that are above your level.

If you accidentally press the X button in the top right of your selection, don't worry. Your choices are not gone! They are simply minimized, open these selection screen again by pressing the book icon button:

You can check how many Talent Essence you have by going to your character Currency tab, or by clicking the Character Development bubble and looking in the top right corner. [1] ===Talent Abilities=== You may notice some talents require Ability Essence to acquire. In fact most talents that would have originally required a single talent point to master will cost some number of Ability Essence along with a Talent Essence. You can only learn these through random rolls. Trying to learn these through your Specialization tree will not work. You can also not unlearn these unless rerolled with a Hand of Fate card. More on the Hand of Fate cards below.

Hand of Fate

Silas Darkmoon can be found in all capital cities and will offer you a quest for free Hand of Fates every 10 levels, starting at level 10.

Silas Darkmoon will also offer quests rewarding Hand of Fates and Sealed Cards at level 60. You can earn 3 additional Hand of Fate quests each day the season is out. New characters will have immediate access to all released Hand of Fate quests to ensure all players have the same total available Hand of Fates and new or returning players are not at a disadvantage.

Here is how a Hand of Fate card works: 

  1. Right click the item in your inventory. 
  2. You will now receive the usual pop up card of three abilities to choose from. 
  3. You will now receive another selection screen of three abilities, this time abilities you already have. Selecting one of these skills will unlearn them and replace them with the ability you selected in step 2.
  4. If you don't wish to unlearn any of the abilities in the step 3 selection screen, simply press the X button in the top right. This will allow you to nullify this Hand of Fate. The Hand of Fate will still be consumed by doing so, but you won't learn or unlearn any abilities. 

Note that these abilities also require 1 Talent Essence to learn.