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What is Felforged Mode in Project Ascension?

Felforged is a bite sized mmorpg with extremely rapid progression and non-stop action exclusive to Project Ascension. This is roguelike World of Warcraft where you trade your soul to the Legion for power. You earn 500% increased experience rates and have a massively increased chance to find loot in the open world, but death resets you to back to level 20. Felforged WoW is a FFA PvP mmorpg with the excitement of a session based PvP game. Kill, Loot, Die, Repeat and grow stronger as you reap souls from the players you kill. With entirely random abilities every time you level, no play session is the same.

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How do I join the Legion in Project Ascension?

To become Felforged and and join the Legion on Project Ascension talk to Stony Tark on a newly created level 1 character. Select the dialogue option for Felforged Mode then select Become Felforged! You cannot accept any trades, earn experience, open the mail box or take any other actions that may affect your Felforged experience.

Stony Tark WoW.png Start Felforged Mode.png

How do I play Felforged? Quick Start Guide:

  1. Roll your Starting Abilities (See Below). You keep these when becoming Felforged.
  2. Talk to Stony Tark and begin Felforged Mode
  3. Use your Scroll of Fortunes to empower your level 20 build and spend your Talent Points
  4. Open your Felforged Provisions
  5. Grab quests from the Legion Lexicon
  6. Use the Fel Portal to drop into Ashenvale for 1v1 PvP combat. Kill other players, slay the inhabitants of Azeroth and reap as many souls as possible before you die and begin again.

What happens when I die as Felforged in Project Ascension?

Felforged Death.png

You drop all equipped gear and everything in your bag, but retain the souls you have harvested. You do not lose collections, extracted Mystic Enchants or any items in your personal storage or bank. You immediately ressurect in the Legion's stronghold in the Twisting Nether at level 20 with Felforged Provisions containing a set of armor and weapons. You do not reset your level 20 build. So any spells you roll at level 1 or level 20 before leaving the Twisting Nether will be returned to you upon reviving in the Twisting Nether, even if you rerolled them after level 20.

What do I keep when I die? What do I lose when I die?
  • Improvements to your level 20 build
  • Anything in your Bank or Personal Storage
  • Gold
  • Bags, Companion Pets and Mounts
  • Souls you have collected
  • DP Items
  • Everything in your Vanity Collections
  • Account Bound Gold Quality Items
  • Levels and experience past 20
  • All equipped Gear
  • Any items in your bags
  • All unspent Scroll of Fortune

How do I get to Azeroth from the Twisting Nether?

You must have spend your Talent Points before accessing the Portal. Felforged can use the Fel Portal to select a destination and drop into Azeroth as a Legion Meteor.

  1. Spend your talent points
  2. Click the Fel Portal
  3. Select a destination
  4. Drop into Azeroth as a meteor and watch the world burn
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Legion Stronghold Overview

The Legion's Stronghold in Twisting Nether is known as Demon's Tears. Here you will find everything you need to wage war on Azeroth.

[Insert Image of Map with labels]

Quests Hunter Pets
Accept quests from the giant floating book, Legion's Orders Belphegor offers Legion based Hunter Pets
Legion's Lexicon.png Legion Hunter Pets.png
Skill and Profession Trainer Weapons and Armor for leveling. Poisons
Train at the Book of Ascension and Artisans Beezlebub sells various leveling gear and poisons
Training skills and professions.png Buying weapons and armor in wow.png
Bank Personal Storage
Mammon will grant you bank access Requires Personal Storage to be in Collections
Legion Bank.png Legion Personal Storage.png
Spend Souls on Rewards, Consumables, Heirlooms, Caches General & Trade Goods, Recipes, Reagents
High Inquisitor Qormaladon will exchange your souls for rewards You will find a wide range of goods on Qormaladon
High Inquisitor Qormaladon.png Felforged progression.png
Fel Challenges and Legion Crest Rewards
Azzazel offers Fel Challenges, which reward Legion Crests Turn in your Crests for exclusive rewards
Fel Challenges.png Rarest Legion cosmetics and collectibles.png
Training Dummies Guild Forger
Test your build against those who failed the Legion Buy or turn in a guild roster
Legion Training Dummies.png Mephistopheles.png
Skreeg Ethereal Bazaar
Skreeg hungry boy. He eat. Tiraxis was encaged due to great cosmetic deals
Skreeg.png Tiraxis Cosmetic Shop.png

What are Felforged Challenges?

Felforged Challenges 3.pngFelforged Challenges 2.png

Felforged Challenges offer unique trials for the most experienced and skilled wow players to overcome. Completing Felforged challenges will reward Legion Crests that can be spent on unique exclusive rewards. You can mix and match challenges, choosing to take on multiple at once or only attempt one at a time to create a challenge unique to you and your Felforged Hero.

All challenges require reaching max level and slaying a set number of heroes to complete. Stacking multiple challenges does not increase the Hero kills needed. If a challenge states it requires 3 Hero kills, every single kill will earn progress to every single challenge you have active.

Completing all challenges in a tier will unlock the next tier of challenges, increasing how brutal each challenge is to complete.

Grouping as Felforged

Felforged Grouping.png

Felforged players can group together as long as they are on the same tier and number of challenges and within 10 levels of each other. Be aware that you are still subject to Honorable Combat while in 1v1 zones even if you are grouped.

  • Can group without using challenges first
  • Still subject to Honorable Combat rules in 1v1 zones while grouped
  • Must be on the same challenge tier as group members
  • Must be on the same number of challenges as group members
  • You can be on different challenges than your group
  • You should start your challenges before forming your group