Project Ascension Wiki

Registering an Account on Project Ascension

Registering an Ascension account is completely free and only requires a valid email. Here's how you can do it:

  1. To register an account on Project Ascension, head to the registration page located here.
  2. Fill in your username, email and create a strong password.
  3. Click Create My Account. This will complete account creation and send you to the launcher download!

Remember, Ascension staff will never ask you for your Username or Password.

How Do I Download and Install Project Ascension WoW?

Project Ascension makes it very easy to download, install and get in game with their lightning fast all-in-one launcher.

  1. Download the Launcher from
  2. Install and run the Launcher.
  3. Allow the Launcher to automatically download the required files at 30MB+ speeds!
  4. The Green Play will become available when the launcher finishes the automatic download.

Project Ascension Launcher Installation Guide

The launcher is be very easy for those new to WoW mods or online gaming in general. If you have ever installed a game before, you can install and play on Ascension! Ascension WoW is very easy to setup.

Our launcher has been virus scanned and is completely safe to install. If your anti-virus gives you a false positive, rest assured it is in fact a false positive, or perform additional scans yourself! You can always visit our Discord with nearly 10,000 online players to confirm the safety of the install.

You will see 3 screens when running ascension-setup-41.exe. Select Next after choosing the options you want, then finally select install. After selecting install, you will be giving the option to automatically run Ascension Setup. Ensure this is checked, then hit Finish!

Launcher install 1.png

After Selecting Finish, the Launcher will automatically update! Simply let it run until the Green Play Button displays.

Updating Project Ascension

Project Ascension often releases new updates. This can be anything from new balance patches, brand new Mystic Enchants, new Battlegrounds or even entirely new systems. The latest updates can be found on the changeloghere. Often these new updates are Server-side and may just require a restart for the developers to push the updates to the server. Sometimes, they may require a new client-side Patch-A for you to see the new updates.

In this case you will need to:

  1. Download the Launcher from
  2. Install and run the Launcher.
  3. Click the green Update Button that replaces the Play Button when an update is available.

How do I clear my WoW Cache or WDB Folder?

After a big update, you may need to clear your cache to force the game to refresh it's downloaded game data. This is especially true when changes have been made to items or spells.

The easiest way to clear your Cache or WDB Folder is through the Project Ascension Laucher:

  1. Open your Project Ascension WoW Launcher.
  2. Select the cog wheel icon in the top right.
  3. Click the button that says clear cache.

Alternatively, you can clear your Cache manually by:

  1. Open your Ascension WoW directory (this is different from the launcher directory).
  2. Open the Cache Folder.
  3. Right click and delete the WDB folder inside the Cache folder.

Connection and Troubleshooting FAQ

  • My login screen is a standard blue WotLK screen?
    • This means that Patch-A.mpq is not properly being read.  As Patch-A contains all the resources for the login screen, as well as contains all connection info. 
    • Reinstalling Patch-A will solve this. Delete your Patch-A via your wow install folder, and then update through the launcher!
  • I get an “Unable to connect” error?
    • This is a generic error related to a variety of connection issues. There are a few things to try:
      1. Delete Patch-A.mpq from your data folder, and redownload it.
      2. Clear your cache (delete all files inside)
      3. Delete located inside the WTF folder
      4. Check to make sure you do not have any other patches conflicting with Patch-A.  Your data directory should look like the screenshot shown under the Manual Installation header above.
      5. Possible firewall/anti-virus preventing the server connection
  • What if I have an existing WotLK client?
    • Both the launcher and a manual install can upgrade an existing client to Ascension through Ascension.exe and Patch-A.mpq.
  • What is the realmlist?
    • No realmlist needed! Ascension's custom files handle all the connections.
  • Are addons compatible with Ascension and how do I install them?
    • Yes. Any 3.3.5a addons are compatible with Ascension. Simply download them and place them in your \Interface\AddOns\ folder.
  • I don't see the Ascension UI elements anymore?
    • Go to your AddOns list and make sure that the Ascension and AIO addons are enabled.
  • I tried to connect to a PTR realm and I cannot get back to the live realms?
    • If you press ESC while connecting it should boot you back to the realm selection screen.  This may take a few tries to get the timing right.
    • You can also open the file in Notepad and where it says SET realmName "Twisting Nether" delete the name of the realm between the quotation marks.
  • I do not have a or WTF folder?
    • If you do not have a or WTF folder in your normal WoW folder, this is most likely to Program Files being a protected folder and non-admin changes would be stored at: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\