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Mystic Runes

Mystic runes are one of the three currencies usable at the Mystic altar, the others being the Mystic orbs and Mystic extracts. Using a mystic rune on a blue or higher item will allow you to attach a random enchantment (RE) to the item. Doing so is a main method of searching for RE's that would compliment your build. You can view the amount of Mytic runes you have collected so far in the 'Currency' tab of your character.  

How to aquire Mystic Runes

Since the implementation of the Mystic altar, the methods of aquiring mystic runes changing. Mystic runes are awarded for completing ingame objectives, such as:

  • Hitting max level (currently 70)
  • Completing daily quests (given by Nozdormu at at main cities)
  • Completing a challenge mode (Ironman, Resolue, Survivalist, etc)
  • Collecting Mystic rune fragments for dungeon bosses. Bosses may drop varied amounts of fragments, usually between 2-5. 10 can be combined together to crate one mystic rune. These fragments are also tradeable, and may be bought in bulk from the auction house. ====

Applying Mystic Runes

To expand the mystic runes you have accumlated, you first need to find a mystic altar. There are several loactions in the world where mystic altars can be found (see Mystic altars). In addition, upon getting to max level players are awarded with a 'Volatile mystic altar', which is a single use item that places an altar that will disappear in 10 minutes. Given that all players get these, altars are frequently placed in crowded areas of capital cities and there is mostly no need to venture out to the world for the static mystic altars.

If you want to reroll for a new enchantment, press the 'reforge item' button.

Once you find an altar, you will need to place an item of blue or higher rarity in the altar. Once you do, you can click the 'Reforge item' button, which will apply a random re to the item. If you are not pleased with the RE which was applied you may repeat until you find what you need or run out of Mystic runes. Do note that if your reserve of Mystic Runes is depleted you may spend 2 gold and 50 silver for 1 reforge (this is not recommended, as mystic runes are mostly easier to aquire and not worth the gold).