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Mythic+ Guide

Mythic+ is a endlessly scaling challenge for 5-player Mythic dungeons. Parties will compete against ever stronger Bosses and monsters with weekly affixes that will change the way you approach a fight all under a timer. Introduced in Season 7, Players will receive gear proportionate to the Mythic+ Keystone level.

Mythic+ Keystones drop at the end of every Mythic and Mythic+ dungeon, being +1 of the current Dungeon.

With each increase in Mythic+ Keystone level, Enemies deal 3% more damage and have 10% more Health.


Unlike Normal, Heroic and Mythic, Mythic+ Dungeons cannot be accessed through the Dungeon Finder on Ascension.

WoW Icon update.png Classic

  • Blackrock Depths - Prison
  • Blackrock Depths - Inner City
  • Dire Maul - East
  • Dire Maul - North
  • Dire Maul - West
  • Lower Blackrock Spire
  • Scholomance
  • Stratholme - Main Gate
  • Stratholme - Service Entrance

Bc icon.gif The Burning Crusade

  • Auchenai Crypts
  • Blood Furnace
  • Hellfire Ramparts
  • Mana-Tombs
  • Sethekk Halls
  • Shadow Labyrinth
  • Shattered Halls
  • Slave Pens
  • The Arcatraz
  • The Black Morass
  • The Botanica
  • The Escape From Durnholde
  • The Mechanar
  • The Steamvault
  • Underbog

Here's what you need to know:

Mythic Plus is a kind of scaling difficulty mode that offers better rewards the harder they are. Dungeons start at +0 and scales, increasing monster health and damage per level. As of Season 7, Dungeons from Black Rock Depths onwards will be reworked to have Normal, Heroic and Mythic+ content. Using new Keystones to give strength to your enemies, and awesome loot for yourselves.

Before getting into Mythic+ you will want to be at least iLvL 63, this is the minimum iLvL requirement to enter mythic dungeons. You should determine your builds best stat priorities, and do Mythic-0’s to target gear that benefit it the most.

Once you clear a Mythic-0 Dungeon, you will be rewarded Mythic-1 Keystone with various effects. These effects change each week, so you will be given 7 days to complete the Mythic dungeon along with everyone else on the server, so show your the best and beat Rival guilds.

Beating a dungeon within the allocated time increases your Keystone by +1, fail and it will go down by 1. Higher Keystones will give greater rewards. Completing a Dungeon also awards you a Personal Spoils chest of the Level of the Mythic dungeon Keystone level. (I.E Mythic 3 dungeons will award a Mythic 3 Spoils chest, regardless of you succeeding or failing the Timer). There is a Limit for how many Spoils you can open, however, Mythic Orb and Rune options in the selection screen for the Spoils chest do not count towards that cap, so players who have reached their cap can still be rewarded.

Mythic+ dungeons have affixes that change weekly and make your way through them more challanging as your keystone level grows. First affix is applied at +2 and the last at +31. Starting from Mythic +14, you will be also encountering champions, which are challenging mini-bosses that will put your party to the test. You willl need to kill at least 5 of them on your way to the final boss. After Mythic +17, these champions will gain new abilities and effects. Affixes rotate weekly and currently we have 4 sets of affixes:

01 wiki affix infernal.png 02 wiki affix frost.png 03 wiki affix holy.png 04 wiki affix void.png

Affixes are not only negative, but there can be also found Mythical Boons, which are affix that affects the group positively. There are Boon crystals in set places inside all M+ eligible dungeons. By clicking on them every player in line of sight will receive random Mythical Boon which give your party various buffs. Using another boon before the buffs expire will refresh its duration and stack the  effect up to 5 times.

Mostly its various types of buffs, listed below, with 2 exceptions. First exception is Phasewalk which is ultimate invisibility that allows you to skip mobs with invisibility detection and it "phases out" doors. So you can pass through doors that are normally closed, without completing the condition to open them (usually the condition is to kill certain boss, like Rend Blackhand in UBRS, etc.). The second exceptioin is Inquisition which causes every player to shoot lasers around them, dealing damage but pulling through walls and floors, so watch out when you decide to use this one.

List of all available boons and their effects:

  • Mythical Boon Ascension - Empowers your party's Damage and Healing done by 20% for 30sec.
  • Mythical Boon Wrathful Empowers your party, increasing Spell Damage by 170 and Attack Power by 220 for 30sec.
  • Mythical Boon Critical - Empowers your party's Critical Strike Chance by 20% for 30sec.
  • Mythical Boon Ruthlessness - Empowers your party's Damage Criticals and Heal Criticals. Increasing the amount critically damaged or critically healed by 20% for 30sec.
  • Mythical Boon Momentum - Empowers your party's Gaste by 20% and Movement Speed by 20% for 30sec.
  • Mythical Boon Piercing - Empowers your party's Armor Penetration by 15% and Expertize for 30sec.
  • Mythical Boon Adaptation - Empowers your party, increasing Spell Damage and Spell Healing by 20% of their Attack Power for 30sec.
  • Mythical Boon Bountiful - Empowers your party, increasing Strength, Agility, Stamina, Spirit and Intellect by 20% for 30sec.
  • Mythical Boon Sanctuary - Empowers your party, reducing Damage Taken by 15% for 30sec.
  • Mythical Boon Sanctified - Empowers your party, restoring 3% health every second for 20sec.
  • Mythical Boon Infinity - While under effect of this boon, all of your spells and abilities have 20% Cooldown Reduction and 20% Cost Reduction. Lasts 30sec.
  • Mythical Boon Phasewalk - This mythical boon shifts your party to another plane for up to 10sec, allowing you and your allies to walk past enemies unnoticed. This is usable in combat.
  • Mythical Boon Inquisition - Empowers your party, causing a mythical barrier to surround around all party members, dealing damage to all nearby enemies for 20sec.


To start your Mythic+ dungeon, 1 Player must have a Mythic Keystone and activate it in the instance tied to the Keystone.

Keystones are acquired by completing Mythic and Mythic+ content. A player may only have 1 Keystone at one time.

  • Set the difficulty of the Dungeon to Mythic before entering the Dungeon.
  • The player with the Keystone must activate the Keystone in their bag
  • Upon activate a prompt showing the Level of the Keystone and what affixes will be activated will show.
  • Upon pressing Activate all players in the instance will be teleported to the start of the dungeon then a 10 second timer will occur.
  • Once 10 seconds has passed, the Timer begins and players can then progress through the Dungeon.

Mythic Plus Rewards

If you manage to complete a dungeon, you will be rewarded with caches which contain gear from that dungeon. The amount of caches you get is dependent on how your group performed in the dungeon.

  • Completing the boss requirement and trash requirement within 60% of the dungeon's remaining timer rewards three caches.
  • Completing the boss requirement and trash requirement within 40% of the dungeon's remaining timer rewards two caches.
  • Completing the boss requirement and trash requirement within less than 39% of the dungeon's remaining timer rewards one cache.

You have a set cap of 25 caches per week which accumulates and exponentially increases at the same time, and will have the choices between;

  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Intellect
  • Spirit
  • Miscellaneous
    Mythic Coin Upgrade.png

Completing a mythic plus dungeon also grants you with Mythic Coins, which allows you to upgrade your existing Mythic items by talking to Edrim.

Myhtic+ Cache Rewards

Here is the complete list all of the possible Myhtic+ cache rewards;

Agility Cache Rewards

Wraith Scythe Impervious Giant Ghostshroud Keris of Zul'Serak Blackhand Doomsaw
Felstriker Blackblade of Shahram Nightbrace Tunic Demonfork Chiselbrand Girdle
Blackcrow Finkle's Skinner Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge Blademaster Leggings
Tristam Legguards Blackmist Armguards Venomspitter Slashclaw Bracers Fang of the Crystal Spider
Cloudrunner Girdle Demonic Runed Spaulders Swiftdart Battleboots The Blackrock Slicer Rivenspike
Blackveil Cape Fleetfoot Greaves Houndmaster's Bow Hookfang Shanker Rubicund Armguards
Ironfoe Splinthide Shoulders Grizzle's Skinner Savage Gladiator Chain Savage Gladiator Leggings
Savage Gladiator Helm Savage Gladiator Grips Savage Gladiator Greaves Ragefury Eyepatch Searingscale Leggings
Force of Magma Molten Fists Hand of Justice Lord General's Sword Royal Decorated Armor
Warstrife Leggings Dreadforge Retaliator Vest of Elements Pauldrons of Elements Boots of Elements
Gauntlets of Elements Cord of Elements Beaststalker's Tunic Beaststalker's Gloves Beaststalker's Mantle
Beaststalker's Belt Beaststalker's Bindings Shadowcraft Bracers Shadowcraft Gloves Shadowcraft Belt
Shadowcraft Tunic The Judge's Gavel Searing Needle Swiftwalker Boots Flame Walkers
Phase Blade Cape of the Black Baron Demonshear Wyrmtongue Shoulders Skullforge Reaver
Bonescraper Songbird Blouse The Cruel Hand of Timmy Timmy's Galoshes Soul Breaker
Runeblade of Baron Rivendare Iceblade Hacker Silent Fang Windreaver Greaves Gravestone War Axe
Frightalon Marksman's Girdle Shadow Prowler's Cloak Frostbite Girdle Death's Clutch
Frightskull Shaft Bonebrace Hauberk Bone Ring Helm Barovian Family Sword Ebon Hilt of Marduk
Cadaverous Armor Flightblade Throwing Axe Coif of Elements Kilt of Elements Bindings of Elements
Beaststalker's Boots Beaststalker's Cap Beaststalker's Pants Shadowcraft Cap Shadowcraft Spaulders
Shadowcraft Pants Shadowcraft Boots Coal Miner Boots Hurley's Tankard Marksman Bands
Unbridled Leggings Band of Vigor Fiendish Machete Waveslicer Felhide Cap
Stonebark Gauntlets Well Balanced Axe Gauntlets of Accuracy Bracers of the Eclipse Odious Greaves
Distracting Dagger Warpwood Binding Ogre Pocket Knife Hyena Hide Jerkin Ogre Toothpick Shooter
Cho'Rush's Blade Tarnished Elven Ring Barbarous Blade Leggings of Destruction Ogre Forged Hauberk
Bone Golem Shoulders Tattered Leather Hood Icy Tomb Spaulders Innervating Band Grand Crusader's Helm
Peacemaker Plaguehound Leggings Bone Slicing Hatchet Stratholme Militia Shoulderguard Plaguebat Fur Gloves
Specter's Blade Malicious Axe Wristguards of Renown Sash of the Grand Hunt Lavastone Hammer
Golem Fitted Pauldrons Dark Warder's Pauldrons Verek's Leash Magma Forged Band Entrenching Boots
Huntsman's Harpoon Lefty's Brass Knuckle The Jaw Breaker Belt of the Trickster Blade of Necromancy
Handguards of Savagery Idol of Ferocity Gauntlets of Deftness Boots of Ferocity

Intellect Cache Rewards

Blood-etched Blade Dustfeather Sash Starfire Tiara Serpentine Skuller Crystallized Girdle
Funeral Cuffs Briarwood Reed Spiritshroud Leggings Bloodmoon Cloak Frostweaver Cape
Tooth of Gnarr Trindlehaven Staff Plate of the Shaman King Tressermane Leggings Skyshroud Leggings
Brazecore Armguards Fallbrush Handgrips Sunderseer Mantle Gilded Gauntlets Hands of Power
Globe of D'sak Ogreseer Tower Boots Spritecaster Cape Enthralled Sphere Silkweb Gloves
Ban'thok Sash Ogreseer Fists Dregmetal Spaulders Pyric Caduceus Incendic Bracers
Boreal Mantle Arbiter's Blade Sash of the Burning Heart Second Wind Omnicast Boots
Luminary Kilt Cyclopean Band Burst of Knowledge Chief Architect's Monocle Robes of the Royal Crown
Guiding Stave of Wisdom Magister's Bindings Magister's Belt Magister's Robes Devout Mantle
Dreadmist Robe Dreadmist Bracers Wildheart Vest Wildheart Spaulders Star of Mystaria
Spire of the Stoneshaper Funeral Pyre Vestment Aristocratic Cuffs Mar Alom's Grip Braincage
Hands of the Exalted Herald Dragonrider Boots Feralsurge Girdle Demonskin Gloves Alanna's Embrace
Dracorian Gauntlets Seal of Rivendare Scepter of the Unholy Book of the Dead Father Flame
Royal Tribunal Cloak Tome of Knowledge Skul's Ghastly Touch Boots of the Shrieker Grimgore Noose
Bonecreeper Stylus Detention Strap Loomguard Armbraces Kayser's Boots of Precision Faith Healer's Boots
Tome of the Lost Spellweaver's Turban Idol of Brutality Bonechill Hammer Maelstrom Leggings
Deadwalker Mantle Darkshade Gloves Ghostloom Leggings Skullsmoke Pants Magister's Boots
Magister's Gloves Magister's Crown Magister's Mantle Dreadmist Mask Dreadmist Leggings
Dreadmist Mantle Dreadmist Belt Dreadmist Sandals Dreadmist Wraps Wildheart Bracers
Barbed Thorn Necklace Lethtendris's Wand Riptide Shoes Clever Hat Gloves of Restoration
Quel'dorei Channeling Rod Tempest Talisman Merciful Greaves Energetic Rod Waterspout Boots
Whipvine Cord Wand of Arcane Potency Murmuring Ring Stoneflower Staff Blade of the New Moon
Chestplate of Tranquility Silvermoon Leggings Robe of Everlasting Night Padre's Trousers Brightspark Gloves
Cloak of the Cosmos Tanglemoss Leggings Eyestalk Cord Emerald Flame Ring Mind Carver
Robe of Combustion Modest Armguards Gallant's Wristguards Shaggy Leggings Scarab Plate Helm
Insightful Hood Denwatcher's Shoulders Heliotrope Cloak Boots of the Full Moon Bracers of Prosperity
Crown of the Ogre King Harmonious Gauntlets Cyclone Spaulders Mindsurge Robe Rod of the Ogre Magi
Burial Shawl Ghoul Skin Leggings Dark Advisor's Pendant Shivery Handwraps Spellbound Tome
Coldstone Slippers Belt of the Ordained Hammer of the Grand Crusader Shroud of the Nathrezim Barrage Girdle
Crimson Felt Hat Shadowy Laced Handwraps Maleki's Footwraps Chitinous Plate Legguards Thuzadin Sash
Morlune's Bracer Gracious Cape Sacred Cloth Leggings Oblivion's Touch Mantle of Lost Hope
Greaves of Withering Despair Wand of Eternal Light Mana Shaping Handwraps Bloodclot Band Leggings of Frenzied Magic
Firemoss Boots Hammer of Revitalization Tome of Divine Right Amulet of the Redeemed Shroud of Arcane Mastery
Hammer of Divine Might Band of Mending Lord Valthalak's Staff of Command Leggings of Torment Totem of Rage
Diana's Pearl Necklace Redemption Helm of the New Moon Tunic of the Crescent Moon Thuzadin Mantle

Miscellaneous Cache Rewards

Impervious Giant Blackhand Doomsaw Felstriker Blackblade of Shahram Serpentine Skuller
Butcher's Apron Polychromatic Visionwrap Riphook Truestrike Shoulders Briarwood Reed
Battleborn Armbraces Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge Painweaver Band Mark of the Dragon Lord
Slamshot Shoulders Venomspitter Hurd Smasher Armswake Cloak Pads of the Dread Wolf
Halycon's Spiked Collar Smolderweb's Eye Fang of the Crystal Spider Trueaim Gauntlets Magus Ring
The Blackrock Slicer Hookfang Shanker Graverot Cape Ironfoe Bloodfist
Pyric Caduceus Force of Magma Circle of Flame Flame Wrath Cape of the Fire Salamander
Dreadforge Retaliator Imperial Jewel The Judge's Gavel Stoneshield Cloak Band of Rumination
Chillpike Heart of the Scale Phase Blade Demonshear Scepter of the Unholy
Crown of Tyranny Skullforge Reaver Bonescraper Soulstealer Mantle Piccolo of the Flaming Fire
Cannonball Runner Skul's Fingerbone Claws Skul's Ghastly Touch Gargoyle Shredder Talons The Cruel Hand of Timmy
Mask of the Unforgiven Soul Breaker Runeblade of Baron Rivendare Ramstein's Lightning Bolts Skull of Burning Shadows
Husk of Nerub'enkan Iceblade Hacker Silent Fang Verdant Footpads Clutch of Andros
Heart of Wyrmthalak Freezing Lich Robes Barovian Family Sword Cadaverous Belt Cadaverous Leggings
Cadaverous Gloves Cadaverous Walkers Flightblade Throwing Axe Juno's Shadow Lethtendris's Wand
Gloves of Shadowy Mist Ring of Demonic Guile Shadewood Cloak Wand of Arcane Potency Threadbare Trousers
Amplifying Cloak Pimgib's Collar Mindtap Talisman Stoneshatter Cloak of the Cosmos
Distracting Dagger Mind Carver Elder Magus Pendant Hyena Hide Belt Ogre Pocket Knife
Oddly Magical Belt Carrion Scorpid Helm Cho'Rush's Blade Mugger's Belt Barbarous Blade
Brightly Glowing Stone Ancient Bone Bow Shadowy Mail Greaves Peacemaker Magistrate's Cuffs
Anastari Heirloom Screeching Bow Carapace Spine Crossbow Xorothian Firestick Diabolic Mantle
Specter's Blade Malicious Axe Lavastone Hammer Wand of Eternal Light Huntsman's Harpoon
Hammer of Revitalization The Jaw Breaker Amalgam's Band Scepter of Interminable Focus Blade of Necromancy
Rune Band of Wizardry Pendant of Celerity Totem of Rebirth Libram of Hope Willey's Back Scratcher
Don Mauricio's Band of Domination

Spirit Cache Rewards

The Hammer of Grace Haunting Specter Leggings Briarwood Reed Spiritshroud Leggings Frostweaver Cape
Tressermane Leggings Rosewine Circle Wolfshear Leggings Bleak Howler Armguards Hands of Power
Kentic Amice Flamestrider Robes Kindling Stave Chillsteel Girdle Cyclopean Band
Senior Designer's Pantaloons Lead Surveyor's Mantle Thaurissan's Royal Scepter Magmus Stone Devout Robe
Devout Belt Wildheart Vest Wildheart Boots Wildheart Belt Wildheart Gloves
Wildheart Spaulders Funeral Pyre Vestment High Priestess Boots Mastersmith's Hammer Alanna's Embrace
Robes of the Exalted Gift of the Elven Magi Fire Striders Woollies of the Prancing Minstrel Boots of the Shrieker
Banshee Finger Headmaster's Charge Heart of the Fiend Witchblade Faith Healer's Boots
Draconic Infused Emblem Royal Cap Spaulders Necropile Robe Necropile Mantle Magister's Boots
Magister's Leggings Devout Sandals Devout Gloves Devout Crown Devout Skirt
Devout Bracers Dreadmist Leggings Dreadmist Sandals Dreadmist Wraps Wildheart Kilt
Wildheart Cowl Waterspout Boots Kreeg's Mug Mana Channeling Wand Denwatcher's Shoulders
Sublime Wristguards Harmonious Gauntlets Ghoul Skin Leggings Barrage Girdle Animated Chain Necklace
Crimson Felt Hat Greaves of Withering Despair Soot Encrusted Footwear Flarethorn Lord Valthalak's Staff of Command
Staff of Metanoia Idol of Rejuvenation Mantle of the Scarlet Crusade Redemption Ritssyn's Wand of Bad Mojo
Tunic of the Crescent Moon Totem of Sustaining Libram of Divinity

Strength Cache Rewards

Impervious Giant Deathdealer Breastplate Blackhand Doomsaw Eye of Rend Felstriker
Blackblade of Shahram Backusarian Gauntlets Emberfury Talisman Warmaster Legguards Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian
Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge Seeping Willow Brigam Girdle Reiver Claws Fist of Omokk
Venomspitter Bashguuder Fang of the Crystal Spider Cloudrunner Girdle The Blackrock Slicer
Handcrafted Mastersmith Leggings Houndmaster's Rifle Earthslag Shoulders Spiderfang Carapace Hookfang Shanker
Ironfoe Splinthide Shoulders Girdle of Beastial Fury Grizzle's Skinner Fists of Phalanx
Lavacrest Leggings Force of Magma Hand of Justice Angerforge's Battle Axe Dreadforge Retaliator
Lightforge Breastplate Lightforge Spaulders Breastplate of Valor Spaulders of Valor Bracers of Valor
Belt of Valor The Judge's Gavel Doomforged Straightedge Blisterbane Wrap Barman Shanker
Mixologist's Tunic Phase Blade Demonshear Skullforge Reaver Bonescraper
Slavedriver's Cane Master Cannoneer Boots Rainbow Girdle Vambraces of the Sadist The Cruel Hand of Timmy
Soul Breaker Runeblade of Baron Rivendare Tombstone Breastplate Iceblade Hacker Silent Fang
Gargoyle Slashers Frightalon Ironweave Boots Ironweave Bracers Barovian Family Sword
Bloodmail Legguards Bloodmail Gauntlets Bloodmail Boots Cadaverous Armor Flightblade Throwing Axe
Lightforge Bracers Lightforge Belt Lightforge Gauntlets Lightforge Boots Lightforge Helm
Lightforge Legplates Helm of Valor Legplates of Valor Boots of Valor Gauntlets of Valor
Unbridled Leggings Band of Vigor Energized Chestplate Satyr's Bow Eldritch Reinforced Legplates
Distracting Dagger Unsophisticated Hand Cannon Jagged Bone Fist Ogre Pocket Knife Gordok Nose Ring
Mud Stained Boots Skullcracking Mace Cho'Rush's Blade Hedgecutter Barbarous Blade
Band of the Ogre King Gordok Bracers of Power Treant's Bane Hammer of the Vesper Phantasmal Cloak
Death Knight Sabatons Death Grips Peacemaker Pale Moon Cloak Specter's Blade
Malicious Axe Necromantic Band Black Steel Bindings Lavastone Hammer Magma Forged Band
Entrenching Boots Ironweave Robe Ironweave Cowl Ironweave Pants Ironweave Gloves
Ironweave Mantle Ironweave Belt Huntsman's Harpoon Lefty's Brass Knuckle The Jaw Breaker
Blade of Necromancy Shroud of Domination Helm of the Executioner Boots of Ferocity

Tank Cache Rewards

Legplates of the Eternal Guardian Draconian Deflector Wildfire Cape Relentless Scythe Talisman of Evasion
Rhombeard Protector Ribsteel Footguards Handcrafted Mastersmith Girdle Stoneshell Guard Naglering
Shadefiend Boots Carapace of Anub'shiah Stonewall Girdle Golem Skull Helm Verek's Collar
Rock Golem Bulwark Stone of the Earth Shalehusk Boots Rubidium Hammer Force of Will
The Emperor's New Cape Runed Golem Shackles Battlechaser's Greaves Ebonsteel Spaulders Bonespike Shoulder
Heart of the Scale Band of Flesh Crest of Retribution Willey's Portable Howitzer Archivist Cape
Skul's Cold Embrace Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape Wailing Nightbane Pauldrons Vigorsteel Vambraces Stoneform Shoulders
Ironweave Boots - Mythical Cache Tank Ironweave Bracers - Mythical Cache Tank Idol of Brutality Boneclenched Gauntlets Rattlecage Buckler
Corpselight Greaves Bloodmail Hauberk - Mythical Cache Tank Bloodmail Legguards - Mythical Cache Tank Bloodmail Belt - Mythical Cache Tank Bloodmail Gauntlets - Mythical Cache Tank
Bloodmail Boots - Mythical Cache Tank Deathbone Girdle Deathbone Sabatons Deathbone Gauntlets Deathbone Legguards
Deathbone Chestplate Breakwater Legguards Helm of Awareness Ring of Demonic Potency Satyr's Bow
Razor Gauntlets Eidolon Talisman Magically Sealed Bracers Petrified Bark Shield Vigilance Charm
Flamescarred Shoulders Timeworn Mace Quickdraw Gloves Evil Eye Pendant Force Imbued Gauntlets
Bile-etched Spaulders Demon Howl Wristguards Observer's Shield Bulky Iron Spaulders Redoubt Cloak
Barrier Shield Monstrous Glaive Kromcrush's Chestplate Grimy Metal Boots Unyielding Maul
Counterattack Lodestone Wraithplate Leggings Intricately Runed Shield Malefic Bracers Ash Covered Boots
Fel Hardened Bracers Dreadguard's Protector Foreman's Head Protector Ironweave Robe - Mythical Cache Tank Ironweave Cowl - Mythical Cache Tank
Ironweave Pants - Mythical Cache Tank Ironweave Gloves - Mythical Cache Tank Ironweave Mantle - Mythical Cache Tank Ironweave Belt - Mythical Cache Tank Malgen's Long Bow
Legplates of Vigilance Band of the Steadfast Hero Draconian Aegis of the Legion Libram of Truth

This guide has been remastered by Athena Kai. Boons and affixes added by Shady.