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What is Prestige mode in WoW Ascension?


Prestige mode is a new feature added in season 7. Prestige mode allows players who have reached max level to reset their character level to 1 and start leveling again. Doing so awards the player with various exclusive Prestige titles and the Prestigious Cache, which contains gold, Prestige tokens and some pieces of max level Epic dungeon gear!

Prestige mode is repeatable, meaning you can reset, level to max, obtain Prestige rewards and carry the definition of character progression to a whole new level.


What are the benefits of doing Prestige in WoW Ascension?

The benefits of completing a Prestige run includes:

  • Earn rewards and Marks of Ascension!
  • Revisiting the leveling experience - good for leveling with friends/guildies.
  • Using skill cards to guarantee which abilities you will get.
  • Improving one of the specializations on the same character (Activating Prestige mode only resets your current spec, so if you want to build upon another spec you can do so without resetting your current progression.)
  • Reducing character clutter (no longer having to make a new character for each different build)

How do you activate Prestige mode in WoW Ascension?


In order to activate Prestige mode you need to;

  1. Talk to Chromie in any of the major cities (Stormwind, Orgrimmar or Shattrath) at max level.
  2. Talking with her will present you with the option to buy Prestige items.
  3. There you can obtain an item called Prestigious Pamphlet, which can be activated to give the player a quest.
  4. When active, talking with Chromie again will present you with the option to Prestige with your currently specialization.
  5. After choosing that you will be able to turn in the quest itself to Chromie.
Below you can see Chromie in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. She is located right besides Hero's Call Board.

Chromie Stormwind.jpg Chromie Org.jpg

What happens after you Prestige in WoW Ascension?

This will immediately reset you to level 1 and teleport you back to your starting zone and direct you back to the character select screen. Activating Prestige mode only resets your abilities. That means gold, items, achievements, reputations, titles, professions, transmogs, vanity items and learned random enchantments stay with you. Quest progression is reset, meaning you can do quests that you have completed in previous runs however attunement quests stay as they are. Learned mounts and riding skills become available at the appropriate levels.

Prestige mode can be activated with other game modes, such as Ironman mode or Nightmare mode. In doing so, you will obtain the rewards of each mode you activated.

For Prestige mode specifically, you will gain a currency called Token of Prestige, which you can use to buy transmog items!

You can talk to Chromie to see a list of items you can buy with your tokens.

Prestige Quests

Season 7 introduces the brand new Rotating Prestige Daily Bonuses. These daily quests are designed to encourage players to experience different aspects of the game while leveling up. Currently there are 3 Prestige Dailies in rotation, these are;

  • Open World (10% Bonus Exp, 2500 Marks of Ascension, 100 Prestige Tokens)
  • Battlegrounds (5% Bonus Exp, 2500 Marks of Ascension, 100 Prestige Tokens)
  • Dungeons (3% Bonus Exp, 2500 Marks of Ascension, 100 Prestige Tokens)

Each day, one of these quests will be automatically given to you upon prestiging. You will have that days Prestige Quest and a party-wide experience bonus to go along with it.

When you complete the objectives of the quest, you can turn it in at Chromie for additional Marks of Ascension and Token of Prestige!

Prestige Quest.pngPrestige Buff.png

League 3: Prestige to Victory

Among the many things coming to League 3, among them are the incentives for people to Prestige in Free pick. The reasons why one might do so is many, but here we shall list the rewards and benefits for any player who chooses to level again:

  • Prestige-ing provides 3 Mystic Extracts for the Mystic Collector.
  • Reaching Max level provides you with Raid-quality gear of the current Raid tier.
  • Mystic Scrolls, allowing the player to learn new Legendary mystic enchants, including the 20 new Mystic enchants coming to League 3.
  • The player is provided with Marks of Ascension, Mystic Runes and Mystic Orbs to let any player continue furthering their build diversity.
  • Prestige-ing resets the Player's gold cost for Unlearning Talents and abilities!
  • Prestige-ing many times over allows a player to gain unique Vanity items not available anywhere else alongside with Titles!