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Professions in Ascension WOW

There are 14 Professions currently available. 11 Main Professions and 3 Secondary Professions.

Main Professions:

It is currently only possible to learn two (2) Main Professions at a time.

Profession Category Description
Herbalism Icon
Gathering Harvest herbs found throughout the world and from the bodies of some creatures. You can detect nearby herbs on the minimap.
Mining Icon
Gathering Mine ore, stones, and raw gems from protruding veins or deposits. Also teaches you the smelting sub-profession, which allows the use of a forge to smelt the ore into bars of metal. You can detect nearby ore deposits on the minimap.
Skinning Icon
Gathering Skin the corpses of certain creatures for their hides, leather, and scales.
Alchemy Icon
Production Mix potions, elixirs, flasks, oils and other alchemical substances into vials using herbs and other reagents. Your concoctions can restore health and mana, enhance attributes, or provide any number of other useful (or not-so-useful) effects. High level alchemists can also transmute essences and metals into other essences and metals. Alchemists can specialize as a Master of Potions, Master of Elixirs, or a Master of Transmutation.
Blacksmithing Icon
Production Smith various melee weapons, mail and plate armor, and other useful trade goods like skeleton keys, shield-spikes and weapon chains to prevent disarming. Blacksmiths can also make various stones to provide temporary physical buffs to weapons.
Enchanting Icon
Service, Production Imbue all manner of equipable items with magical properties and enhancements using dusts, essences and shards gained by disenchanting (breaking down) magical items that are no longer useful. Enchanters can also make a few low-level wands, as well as oils that can be applied to weapons providing a temporary magical buff.
Engineering Icon
Production Engineer a wide range of mechanical devices—including trinkets, guns, goggles, explosives and mechanical pets—using metal, minerals, and stone. As most engineering products can only be used by suitably adept engineers, it is not as profitable as the other professions; it is, however, often taken to be one of the most entertaining, affording its adherents with numerous unconventional and situationally useful abilities. Engineers can specialize as Goblin Engineering or Gnomish Engineering|Gnomish engineers.
Inscription Icon
Service, Production Inscribe glyphs that modify existing spells and abilities for all classes, in addition to various scrolls, staves, Darkmoon Cards and off-hand items. A scribe can also create vellums for the storing of an Enchanter's spells and scribe-only scrolls used to teleport around the world (albeit a tad randomly). Also teaches you the Milling ability, which crushes herbs into various pigments used, in turn, for a scribe's ink.
Jewelcrafting Icon
Production Cut and polish powerful gems that can be socketed into armor and weapons to augment their attributes or fashioned into rings, necklaces, trinkets, and jeweled headpieces. Also teaches you the Prospecting ability, which sifts through raw ores to uncover the precious gems needed for your craft.
Leatherworking Icon
Production Work leather and hides into goods such as leather armor and mail armor, armor kits, and some capes. Leatherworkers can also produce a number of utility items including large profession bags, ability-augmenting drums, and riding crops to increase mount speed.
Tailoring Icon
Production Sew cloth armor and many kinds of bags using dye, thread and cloth gathered from humanoid enemies during your travels. Tailors can also fashion nets to slow enemies with, rideable flying carpets, and magical threads which empower items they are stitched into.

Secondary Professions:

Unlike Main Professions, it is possible for your character to learn all three (3) Secondary Professions at once.

Profession Category Description
Cooking Icon.png


Service, Production Cook up delicious meals that once eaten, provide the consumer with a "Well Fed" buff that grants beneficial stats that last for an hour. With this profession, you are also able to create entertaining consumables or Feasts that will provide stat boosts to party and raid members that eat it. Nearly all edible consumables will grant increased health regeneration while eating.
Fishing Icon.png


Gathering Explore the world to find different pools that will allow you to fish up many different kinds of fish and water-bound creatures. Some fish that are caught this way will be able to be consumed immediately to restore a certain amount of health. Some of your catch could also be sold to other players for a nice profit via the Auction House. Additionally, some rarer items and creatures can also be fished up for cosmetic use, such as companion pets and mounts.
First Aid Icon.png

First Aid

Service, Production Gather different cloths to craft bandages that heal and remove poisons from yourself and your friends. The "Recently Bandaged" debuff will only allow you to use a bandage once every 60 seconds, so use them wisely!

How to Level Up a Profession

Book of Artisans.png

There are 3 possible ways to level up your Profession in Ascension WoW. Firstly, through the use of a Book of Artisans (which can be purchased from our Store or via the AH). Secondly, you can level up your Profession by visiting a Profession Trainer. These Trainers can be found in any main city by speaking to a Guard or by clicking on the Profession name above. And lastly, you can instantly reach max level via the use of a Trademan's Scroll. The scroll will be consumed upon use and is only usable once all realm first profession achievements have been earned. You can obtain a scroll by purchasing it from the store with DP (currently it costs 25DP) or via the Auction House with Gold.

How to unlearn a Profession

Tradesmans Scroll.png

If you find yourself wanting to try something new, and would like to unlearn one (or both) of your currently learned Main Professions, you can do so by clicking on your Character Info tab (also accessible by pressing the "C" key). Once there, click the 4th tab at the bottom, called Skills, and then scroll down till you see your learned Professions. Click on the one you would like to unlearn, which will in turn make it show up in the blank space below, and then click on the small red button that shows next to it. You will then notice a pop up window asking if you would like to unlearn the profession. If you would like to proceed with unlearning it, click "Unlearn". If not, click "cancel".