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Getting Started on Project Ascension

Project Ascension is very easy to get started on. Linked above is a guide on Registering and Installing the guide as well as an FAQ on frequent issues our users have.

As always, feel free to ask in the #help section of the Project Ascension discord server with any questions you have with installing the game!

Account Creation and Installation


Project Ascension features a custom launcher that makes installing and getting in-game easy. Follow the guide linked above, or simply visit to create an account. Once logged in, visit to download the launcher and you will be ready to begin your classless journey!

Project Ascension's Server Rules

Project Ascension's rules are based on one simple philosophy. People should be able to escape the real world when they log in to Ascension.

Quality of Life and General Game Improvements

Project Ascension does not follow any one era of World of Warcraft, but instead seeks to create the best experience possible taking the lessons learned from various WoW expansions, a decade of player feedback and applying it to Ascension's unique systems.

Increased Experience Gained

Your journey to Max level is accelerated to better compliment the Classless Experience and allow you to see your class fantasy begin to come alive as quickly as possible.

In addition, experience rates are 5 times from 1-60, and 2 times from 60-70. This will let you quickly join the fight and begin your PvP or PvE adventure!

Enhanced Drop Rates to compliment Experience Rates

Monsters have a higher chance to drop magical gear on Project Ascension to account for the increased experience rates. No one wants to hit level 15 with your starter weapon and armor! These drop rates are further increased in High-Risk Mode to account for the potential for gear loss.

Crafting and Gathering Grants Experience

Players can choose to level through gathering and crafting if they would rather make swords than swing them! All professions except for fishing grant experience on Project Ascension.

Unlearning a profession will incur a 2 hour cool down on Experience gain. This is to prevent spamming level 1 recipes and then unlearning the profession and repeating those level 1 recipes.

Prestige Mounts:

You've reached Max level once, and now you're back to level 1, but you won't have to do it alone. Once you Prestige, you won't have to reach level 20 or 40 to obtain or use your mounts, you'll be able to do so straight away at level 1.


You can unlock up to 8 specializations on the same character.

LFD and BG Queues

Daily Quests

You can access a variety of rotating daily quests via the call boards in capital cities. There are daily quests for each level bracket that also include dungeon, crafting and gathering appropriate to their level. Daily Quests award Mark of Ascension.

Project Ascension AddOns

Project Ascension runs on a custom 3.3.5a Client of World of Warcraft and is typically compatible with Addons which work on that version of the client, however, on the Ascension Launcher, there is a list of pre-approved Addons that can be downloaded and automatically added to your World of Warcraft game. These Addons are tested to work on Ascension before hand and offer the most consistency with use.

Project Ascension Seasonal Servers

Seasonal realms are fresh start realms that put all players on an equal footing. This means all server firsts are up for grabs again, including server first level 60 and raid clears.

Seasons typically have major game changing features or a unique theme that sets them apart from Legacy Realms. A season may showcase a brand new system that fundamentally changes the way Ascension is played like rated arenas or honorable combat zones, or it may have a unique theme like Wildcard or Draft Mode

Seasons also give the chance to earn Seasonal Points which can be spent on cosmetic rewards. Each season usually also has some sort of Seasonal Reward for hitting level 60, or for participating in a specific theme of that Season.

At the end of a season, the Vanity Collection (which holds all your donation items) between all realms is merged and your seasonal character will be transferred to a legacy realm (usually Area 52 or Magtheridon, as they're the hybrid risk servers). Afterwards, you will be able to transfer that character off those servers to Kil'jaeden if you wish to have a low-risk only experience.

Project Ascension's Current Season:

Season 7 - Into The Frozen North (Hybrid Risk)

Past Seasons Archive

Season 6 - The Burning Crusade (Hybrid Risk)

Season 5 Bloodforged - Bleeding Hallow (Hybrid Risk)

Season 4 Draft Mode - Darkmoon (Hybrid Risk)


Ascension Seasonal Overview- Season 4 - Draft Mode, Iron Man, High Risk Updates

Season 4 featured the Draft Mode system, and ended on 11/1/2019.

Season 3 Wildcard

Season 3 of Project Ascension featured the Wildcard System and introduced Hybrid Risk to Ascension.

Season 2 Gladiator's Gauntlet

Season 2 of Project Ascension saw massive improvements to the Outlaw system, including Booty Bay upgrades to allow it to function as the capital city for Outlaws.

Season 1 Staggered Level Cap

Season 1 featured a Staggered level cap system that locked players at level 20, 30, 40 and then 50 for a set number of days.

Project Ascension's Legacy Servers | Core Realms

Legacy Realms are Ascension's permanent and established realms.

Area 52 (Hybrid Risk)

Area 52 is Ascension's legacy server that shares the most with the Seasonal realms. It features the Hybrid-Risk system where players can choose to play in either No-Risk or High-Risk game modes and features the Bloody System.

The Bloody System makes sure that gear earned in PvP (through beating other players) and the world stays in PvP. Gear dropped from players or altered with a special item called a Bloody Jar will become a bloody variant, switching out PvE power for PVP power. This also has the side effect of giving the user a penalty if they enter a raid wearing it. While Bloody Gear is unbound, regular gear from raids is soulbound. This allows separation on what the best gear in raid versus PvP is.

Shortly after the launch of The Burning Crusade expansion, other legacy realms including Magtheridon and Kil'Jaeden (formerly Andorhal) were all merged together into Area 52, creating one mega-realm for players of all types.

With this merge, all characters inactive for greater than one year were moved to an archive realm, which can be retrieved later through a Character Transfer. Returning players may also find their characters deactivated, but these can be reactivated with a simple chat command or on the website.

High-Risk PvP on Project Ascension

Hybrid Risk System

The Hybrid Risk System is a mechanic introduced in Season 3 that allows players to choose whether they want to play with a High Risk or No Risk rule-set. At level 20, a player decides which style they’d like to play in. Once they choose, they’ll be placed in that rule-set's ‘Phase’. While out in the open world, questing or slaying monsters, players will only see and interact with others who have selected the same phase. If you chose High-Risk, you’ll only see other High-Risk players. If you chose No-Risk, you’ll only see other No-Risk players.

In major cities, players can find an NPC that can swap their phase, allowing High Risk players to take a breather in No Risk. Players now have the choice of which style of play they'd like to engage in at any given time.

Project Ascension's Outlaw System & FFA PvP

Criminal Intent and Attacking Your Own Faction

Renovated Booty Bay as Outlaw Capital City

Update: While Booty Bay still functions as an outlaw city, Shattrath is everyone's new home for Outland.

Law Reputation & Becoming a Protector

High Risk Features

Treasure Hunter: Dungeon and Raid Loot Drops from World Mobs

Gear Drop on Death

Protecting Your Gear with Fel Commutation

Hybrid Risk System: Changing Risk Modes

Classless System


Ascension Features- Classless System - Ascension Classless WoW

Ascension allows you to build your own class using any spells or talents obtainable from any other class. Everyone is a Hero Class on Ascension, meaning you assign your own stat points, pick and combine your own spells, abilities and talents from any class and have access to Rage, Mana and Energy resources.

The Hero Class

All characters fall under the Hero Class on Ascension.

The Hero is able to borrow power from all nine of the original Warcraft classes: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior.  Heroes are capable of wearing all types of armor and can wield and master any weapon. They are also capable of Dual Wielding any two one handed weapons from upon character creation.

Combine Spells and Talents from any Class


Choose Your Stat Allocation

In Project Ascension, you choose a Primary Stat Allocation in order to give yourself extra stats and bonuses for your character.

Picking a Race

All classic races are available. Races remain faction locked. Any race can pick talents from any class, meaning Horde have access to Paladin spells and Alliance have access to Shaman spells. Races are not class locked either, making a Tauren can pick mage abilities and a gnome could pick druid abilities! Each race has their own unique active and passive racials that be found here.

Mystic Enchanting

Mystic Enchanting is a "Diablo" style modifier found on gear. These enchants can do anything from enhancing your Power Word:Shield with a movement increasing effect to causing your battle shout to also increase your critical strike chance. Mystic Enchants allow players to fine tune and create their class fantasy. Players can unlock enchants and add them to their Enchant's Collections.

Ascension Features

Mystic Enchanting


Ascension Features- Mystic Enchantments - Ascension Classless WoW

Mystic Enchanting is a "Diablo" style modifier found on gear. These enchants can do anything from enhancing your Power Word:Shield with a movement increasing effect to causing your battle shout to also increase your critical strike chance. Mystic Enchants allow players to fine tune and create their class fantasy. Players can unlock enchants and add them to their Enchant's Collections.


Vanity Collections can be accessed through Character Advancement. Click the scroll on your mini map or hit 'N' to open the Character Advancement menu, and then click Collections(the bottom most center option). The vanity Collections contains all of your mounts, pets, transmogs and donation items for that realm and can be accessed by all of your characters on that realm.

Vanity Collections

Vanity items are items which have no impact on gameplay, and rather exist to make your character look cooler than they already are. Ascension WoW features hundreds of Vanity items which players may obtain, and through the use of the Transmog system, allow them to appear on their character at any time.

Enchant Collections

All of your extracted Enchants are located under the Enchant Collection Tab.

Call Board Daily Quests

Players can complete daily quests obtained through Call Boards in capital cities to earn Mark of Ascension and other rewards.

Gurubashi Blood Bowl


Ascension Archives- The Gurubashi Blood Bowl - Ascension Classless WoW

First introduced in Season 2, the Gurubashi Blood Bowl is a unique event that occurs spontaneously in the Stranglethorn Arena. When it begins, an announcement will ring out across Azeroth, calling competitors to the Gurubashi Arena.

The Gurubashi Blood Bowl is a gladiatorial competition: when it ends, the Hero inside of the arena with the most stacks of the Gurubashi Gladiator buff will receive a chest that only they can open filled with loot, gear, and prizes.

World Events

Resistance Overhaul


Ascension Archives- Resistance Overhaul - Ascension Classless WoW

The random chance nature of resistances is being substituted for a system that is predictable, consistent, and measurable!

This new system makes the damage reduction granted by resistance a lot simpler. Essentially, resistances function similarly to armor now, granting % damage reduction based on how much of a given resistance you have. So, if you switch on Shadow Protection Aura and find yourself with exactly 60 Shadow Resistance, you can rest happily knowing you’ll be taking exactly 12.587% less shadow damage from all sources. This change is being applied only to partial resists--binary resists will remain unchanged.

Custom Raid Mechanics

Flex Mode

All raids on Ascension support flex raiding. Using the "10-25 Player (Flexible)" difficulty, you can raid with between 10-25 players, allowing your entire guild and multiple raid teams to potentially work together without ruining your raid night! This mode is suitable for pick up groups as well.

Heroic Mode

In addition to flex, you can now select the 10 and 25 man heroic difficulties for an extreme challenge. These will includes more dangerous foes who have potentially new mechanics. Rewards will include cosmetics as well as stronger raid gear, which will help you when new content unlocks.

Greedy Demon

The Greedy Demon is a tricky mob that can be found hiding or fleeing through zones that is well worth the effort of tracking and slaying, especially in High-Risk.

Neutral Faction Teleporters

These teleporters transport players to various high level zones, allowing them to airdrop and parachute in as a means of fast travel or quick reinforcements(or ambush).

Bonus Zones

Treasure Hunts

Unique Game Modes

Wildcard Mode

Wildcard Mode is an alternative game mode feature a "roll" style approach to building your class. Every even level, players will roll a random spell! Good luck!

Draft Mode

Draft Mode is an alternative game mode featuring a "draft" style approach to building your class. Every even level, players are able to choose between 1 of 3 spells to learn permanently, and must make the most out of the choices given to them.

Ironman Mode

Ironman is a solo challenge where the player is disallowed from gaining support from other players and has only 1 chance to beat the game, any deaths will result in a failed run.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode is a group challenge that also features the 1 chance challenge from Ironman, a single death will result in the failing of the challenge.

Arcanium Recovery Services

With the ARS, you can recover Items destroyed due to Mystic Extraction, Disenchanted Items, Recycled Skill Cards, and Deleted Characters at Ameer Greatluck, an NPC found in every major city! All is done at a price! A gold price! Visit the wiki page for more information.

Player Submitted Guides

Draft Mode

Draft Mode Starting Caster Guide

Draft Mode Starting Tank Guide

Draft Mode Tank Guide

Draft Mode Starting Healing Guide

General Guides

High-Risk Farming Guide

Treasure Hunt Guide

Crafting Guides

Classic Wow 1-300 Blacksmith Guide

Classic Wow 1-300 Alchemy Guide

Classic Wow 1-30 Herbalism Guide

Leveling Guides

Horde 1-60 Guide

Raid Guides

Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Guide

Supporting Project Ascension

Philosophy, Commitment and Overview 

Project Ascension has a full team delivering support, updates, bug fixes and creating unique features. The project relies on player support to continue delivering and maintaining content.

You will never say, "I lost that fight because they donated!"

Donation items are limited to cool and convenient.

Referral System

Players can earn Referral Points by inviting their friends to join them on Ascension. You can find your unique referral link at under your User Control Panel. After your referral reaches level 30 and has 6 hours played in-game your points will be automatically credited to your account.

Referral Points can be redeemed for any item also obtainable through donation points, so if you are unable to, or just don't feel like it, you can still earn everything available in the Donation Shop through referrals!


Ascension Archives- Referral System - Ascension Classless WoW

Donation Items