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This mode will be active in a future update!

What is PvE Mode?

PvE Mode is a ruleset specific to No Risk that completely disables PvP combat. You cannot flag for PvP, attack other players or be attacked by other players while PvE mode is active no matter where you are!

You can group with other players while in PvE mode that are in PvP Mode and also No-Risk, but if that player engages in PvP you will no longer be able to cast beneficial spells on them and influence the outcome from your position of safety.

  • PvE Mode is a Zero PvP ruleset
  • You cannot engage or be engaged in PvP
  • You cannot heal or otherwise influence other players engaged in PvP

PvE Mode WoW Ascension.png

How do I enter or leave PvE Mode?

You can switch between No-Risk PvE, No-Risk PvP and High-Risk PvP from your Hybrid Risk NPC by the call board:

  • Visit your faction capital city and talk to the Hybrid Risk NPC by the Call Board
  • Select the option on the left for No-Risk
  • Select the middle option for PvE Mode No-Risk
Orgrimmar Call Board Risk Switcher.png
Stormwind Call Board Risk Switcher.png

Hybrid Risk WoW .png
PvE Mode Selection.png