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What is PvE Mode on Ascension?

PvE mode, the abbreviated form of Player versus Environment, where a player will fight NPC enemies for loot and rewards, PvE mode is one of two modes that one can engage in, in No-Risk mode. PvE combat is the primary form of combat a player will engage in and is typically the first they will engage in.

PvE mode on Ascension prevents you from attacking or being attacked by enemy Players, whether they be members of your own Faction with Criminal Intent, an ability which declares you an Outlaw, allowing you to attack any flagged player and be attacked by said players and City guards, or members of the opposite Faction. Dying in No Risk PvE mode won't result in dropping some equipped gear, however, you will also not get the chance for extra gear like in High-Risk mode.

  • No-Risk PvE is a completely different phase of the Open-World than High-Risk PvP.
  • Swap in and out of PvE Mode at anytime via the Hybrid Risk system
  • Unable to attack, influence, buff or otherwise affect players in High-Risk mode.
  • You will not drop loot upon death.
  • No Enhanced gear drops in the world
  • You may fly in No-Risk PvE mode.

For more info see here:

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How do I enter or leave PvE Mode?

You can switch between No-Risk PvE, No-Risk PvP and High-Risk PvP from your Hybrid Risk NPC by the call board:

  • Visit your faction capital city and talk to the Hybrid Risk NPC by the Call Board
  • Select the option on the left for No-Risk
  • Select the middle option for PvE Mode No-Risk
Orgrimmar Call Board Risk Switcher.png
Stormwind Call Board Risk Switcher.png