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How do I farm gold on WoW Wildcard on Ascension?

So, you'd like to be rich beyond your wildest dreams but don't know how to get started? Fear not, in this guide I will educate you on all the proper steps towards making the perfect build designed for farming. This guide will focus on three key features which will optimize your farming experience:

  1. Setting up
  2. AoE and Control
  3. Knowing when to stay and when to leave

Setting Up

First we're going to be taking a look at your build. As a new player, Wildcard is on occasion going to feel like you just haven't rolled as well as you could or perhaps your damage isn't what you had hoped. These aspects, while important, will not determine how 'good' a character or build is at later levels. You'll find that a single AoE ability can be used as a means of clearing large groups of mobs with ease and even the worst of builds can function as needed when it comes to farming.

Flamestrike wow spell.png
Blizzard wow spell.png

AoE and Control

Once you've decided to farm and you have the ability you want to use in order to do it you then need to examine your options for maintaining aggro, pulling, how many monsters to aggro at once and what methods you might use to keep them from swarming you too quickly. In many cases you're going to become overwhelmed and take many hits very quickly, so what should you do? Examine your rolled abilities, look specifically for anything that can slow, knock back, stun or root.

Fortunately, there are a number of abilities which can do this, Shadowfury and Mass Slow(RE) are excellent tools which require no real investment, both of which can be switched. An AoE Stun and AoE slow are perfect when it comes to repeatedly casting any high damage AoE ability that will allow you to both maintain distance and keep your damage high enough to quickly mow down the group. This is far more effective if you're paired with another player with similar abilities so don't hesitate to create a build designed for farming alone. This is where the real profit is.

It's worth noting that with the amount of RE's available many abilities you never thought about could produce high damage AoE results. Take some time before setting up your build, regardless of what it is and examine your options when it comes to the random enchant roster. You might find that, despite being a single target beast you actually have some leeway when it comes to doing real area damage. Keep in mind that while the RE's are a good means to get the most out of an ability it shouldn't be completely leaned on when you have better abilities available.


When to stay and when to leave.

Once you find a location you deem suitable for farming it's time to empty those bags. Everything dropped should be picked up. Leave nothing on any monster 'ever'. All items should be looted into your bags and either sold to a vendor or placed into a bank. With an inventory space of 60 slots or more, those 1 gold grey items you thought had no value have turned into a 60 gold profit with each run and the volume of monsters you're killing will cause your inventory to fill up quickly. Everything must be looted for the maximum gold yield.

You won't always find vendor trash alone and on occasion you'll find yourself holding a best in slot item you know will sell instantly. This is the time to leave. Find a place where you can safely hearth and then decide how you'll either use or sell what you've found. Never continue to farm with high value loot in your bags as the chances of someone ganking you are very high and your odds against an assassin are incredibly low with a build centered around farming. Do not risk it.

Lower tier items such as 'greens' are on occasion equal parts valuable to some people still in the process of leveling. You don't need to vendor them immediately and can simply be mailed to an alt and later have its value appraised on the auction house. Keep them all unless you know them to be worthless. Blue items can be held in bags until full, but making your way to the auction house immediately after finding one isn't efficient. Mail your most valuable items to an alt, then return to your farming location and simply repeat the process until you're satisfied with your haul. Always keep in mind that everyone is out to get you and will not hesitate to take advantage of your situation. Always have a means to escape safely and keep your hard earned items where they belong.