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What is WoW with Random Abilities?

WoW with Random Abilities is called Wildcard Mode, a game mode unique to Project Ascension Classless WoW Server. You are assigned a random set of abilities from a range of classes, giving you the challenge of creating the most powerful build you can from what you’ve been given. You abilities you are granted are completely random, but you can select talents from any class to bring power to your random build.

  1. Register, download and install Project Ascension at
  2. You immediately roll 4 random spells from all classes at level 1.
  3. You can reroll your starting spells as you wish!
  4. Starting at level 10, you will roll a new random ability every 2 levels.
  5. Assign Talent points to any specialization from any class to bring your random build to life.
  6. Earn Scroll of Fortune to reroll abilities you do not wish to keep and improve your Wildcard Build.

World of Warcraft with Random Abilities (Wildcard Mode) - Ascension Season 6

Basics of Wildcard on Wow Ascension

The first step is to ensure you join the correct server! When you connect to the realm list you will see a new Season 6 server September 25th at 18:00 server. Look for an updated realm name as launch approaches.

When you first log in to the game on a new character you will have nine Ability Essence which will be automatically spent to provide you with 4 abilities(unless you roll Tame Beast, which counts as 3 abilities). You can reroll your starting abilities at level 1 only(more details below). Upon reaching level 2 you can no longer reroll your starting spells.

Upon reaching level 10 you will roll your first random ability and receive your first talent essence. You can spend your talent essence on any talent from any class specialization! From here on out, you will roll a new random ability every 2 levels with few exceptions(see below).

You can pick a total of 3 end-game talents. 2 at level 60, and 1 more at level 70. You can ONLY pick level 50 or 60 talents, and you can only pick a total of 1 60 Talent. These powerful Talent Abilities can bring your random build together and open up exciting new ways to player your random build and compete in PvE and PvP. You can use Dice of Talents to unlearn your chosen Talent Abilities.

Note: When Wildcard Mode becomes available on Core Realms, you must talk to Stony Tark on a level 1 Hero and select the Wildcard Mode option to enable Wildcard.

Rolling Spells at Level 1 on WoW Ascension

You will immediately roll a set of starter abilities at level 1. On Season 6 realm this will happen the moment you log in. If you are starting Wildcard mode on a non-seasonal realm where it is enabled your starting abilities will roll as soon as you start the game mode with the Dice of Destiny.

You will roll 4 random level 1 spells from any class. The exception to this is rolling Tame Beast, which counts as 3 of your 4 spell slots.

If you’re unhappy with the abilities you’ve been given then open your bags and will see that see a Dice of Destiny. Use it and you will be assigned a new pool of spells.

So long as you are level 1 you can use the Dice of Destiny over and over until you are ready to begin your adventure. You can create a macro to roll the dice more efficiently if you wish:

/use Dice of Destiny

/click StaticPopup1Button1

Keep in mind that while rolling the dice, you can only acquire abilities that could typically be chosen as a level one on a standard Project Ascension realm.

What Spells can I roll or not roll at level 1?

You can roll any spell normally available at level 1 with the exception of Power Word:Shield, Eviscerate, Hammer of Justice, Drain Soul, Fear, Divine Protection, Overpower and Earthbind Totem. To explore possible spells. Open Character Advancement and explore which spells are available for level 1 Heroes.

These spells become rollable at level 10. This is done in order to promote the "Make the best with what you get" gameplay Wildcard offers. You should reroll to find abilities you are interested in, but you should not feel compelled or that you are unable to play against someone who spent hours rerolling HoJ, Fear, Power Word:Shield. This also ensured the Loaded Starter Dice remain an item of convenience, not an item of power.

What spells can I ONLY roll at level 1?

Because Tame Beast required 3 spell slots(6 Ability Essence total) it can only be rolled at level 1. If you want a Hunter Pet, you must roll Tame Beast at level 1. Pets can be build defining and very strong, especially in Wildcard. The counter balance to Tame Beast is that you only reroll 1 additional starting ability with Tame Beast.

Not sure which spells to start with or where to go from there?

Check out the Wildcard Build Guide!

What are Loaded Starter Dice? Do I need them?

While Wildcard is designed around making the best with the spells you are given, Loaded Starter Dice are an entirely optional item designed to make rerolling at level 1 more convenient for those players who are looking for a specific set of starting abilities versus going with whatever the dice grants them. Don't worry, both methods are okay, equally fun and equally powerful at max level! It's all about your preference and the luck of the dice.

The Loaded Starter Dice allow you to reroll individual spells at level 1 as many times as you want. After receiving your 4 random abilities, you can reroll any or all of them 1 by 1 without resetting all 4 of your spells. You do this the same way you would use a Scroll of Fortune (see SoF section below).

Loaded Starter Dice can be obtained in-game for Gold and sent to a new level 1 character or through our Supporter Shop. You can obtain the Loaded Starter Dice in the Legendary Seasonal Supporter Pack or individually.

Important notes about the Loaded Starter Dice:

  • After obtaining your Loaded Starter Dice, the item will be available on all of your characters via your Collections.
  • Loaded Starter Dice can only be used at level 1.
  • Loaded Starter Dice can be used in ALL of your learned specializations, but ONLY at level 1.This means specs learned after level 1 cannot reroll their starting abilities with Loaded Starter Dice.

Loaded Starter Dice Tips:

  • View the Scroll of Fortune section below to learn how to use the Loaded Starter Dice.
  • Select Spells to reroll from the right hand section under My Build, not by navigating to the individual Spec Pages.
  • Click the spell you wish to reroll and select unlearn. Your new spell will show up under My Build before the rolling animation ends, and you can keep rerolling without waiting for the animation to finish.
Loaded dice tip 1.png
Loaded dice tip 2.png
Loaded dice tip 3.png
Loaded dice tip 4.png

How does leveling with random abilities work on WoW Ascension?

A quick overview of the leveling process looks like this:

  1. Roll 4 random abilities at level 1.
  2. Roll your first new random ability at level 10 and earn your first Talent Essence.
  3. Roll 2AE abilities level 12,14,16.
  4. Roll 2x 1AE utility abilities at level 18.
  5. Roll 2AE abilities level 20, 22, 24, 26.
  6. Roll 2x 1AE utility abilities at 28.
  7. Roll 2AE abilities every 2 levels 30-52.
  8. You will obtain a Chest of Fortune Quest at level 52(See below).
  9. You will retain your Ability Essence levels 53-60 for a total of 8 AE. You will obtain a Scroll of Fortune at level 54,56 and 58 from the Chest of Fortune.
  10. Upon hitting Level 60. You can spend your saved 8 Ability Essence on 2x 50 and 60 talent abilities that cost 4AE each. You can not pick Spells or lower than level 50 Talent Abilities. Only 50 and 60 Talent Abilities can be chosen at level 60.
  11. Roll 2AE abilities levels 62,64,66.
  12. You will retain your Ability Essence levels 67-70 for a total of 4 additional saved AE. This will total 12AE to spend on 50 and 60 talents. You will obtain a Scroll of Fortune at level 68 from the Chest of Fortune.
  13. Upon hitting Level 70. You can spend your additional saved 4AE on one more 50 or 60 talent. You can also use a Dice of Talents(see below) to reset your picks.

Learning New Abilities

For the first 9 levels you will not gain any Ability Essence. From level 10 onwards you will gain one Ability Essence and one Talent Essence every time you level up. Every even level (with the exception of 54,56,58,60,68,70) you will roll a new random spell. Note that you cannot learn a spell that you would not normally be able to learn at your level.

Talent Abilities

You may notice some talents require Ability Essence to acquire. In fact most talents that would have originally required a single talent point to master will cost some number of Ability Essence along with a Talent Essence. While you cannot choose to learn them as a Wild Card you do still have a chance of being randomly assigned one instead of a spell. To learn Talent abilities with a Scroll of Fortune, you must have the required Talent Essence available to learn it when rolling. Using a Scroll of Fortune with zero TE in your currency tab will not allow Talent Abilities to be rolled.

Random Logic

While you are given a spell at random, there is some logic in place to help avoid getting a spell you cannot use at all. You should never roll an ability you absolutely cannot use.

  • Bear Abilities require Bear Form
  • Cat Abilities require Cat Form
  • Combo Point finishers require Combo Generators
  • Soul Shard spenders require Drain Soul or Shadowburn.
  • Etc.

Rolling Immunity Spells

You can only roll one single immunity spell. Rerolling an immunity spell will enable you to roll a new immunity spell. This is done to ensure no one player gains a massive advantage by acquiring multiple immunity spells.

What counts as an immunity:

  • Divine Shield (Bubble)
  • Ice Block
  • Deterrence
  • Lay on Hands
  • Divine Protection
  • Hand of Protection

AE Cost Adjustments from Free Pick

In Free Pick Mode spells have a variable AE costs. For example, Blink cost more AE than Fireball. In Wildcard Mode, all AE costs have been normalized to 2AE with the exception of 1AE utility spells and level 50 and 60 Talent Abilities are 4AE across the board.

Picking Your End-Game Talents on WoW Ascension

You do not roll random abilities at level 54, 56, 58, 60, 68 or 70. Instead, the Ability Essence earned at these levels is saved for you spend on end-game talents to fill out your build and bring your random abilities together.

  • You will reach level 70 with a total of 12 Ability Essence that you can spend on 50 and 60 Talent Abilities.
  • All level 50 and 60 talent abilities require 4AE and 1TE to pick.
  • You can only choose one level 60 talent.
  • You can pick 1x60 Talent and 2x50 Talents, or 3x50 Talents.

How do you pick your end-game talent abilities?

  1. You must be level 60 or above.
  2. Open Character Advancement, and select the level 50 or 60 Talent ability you wish to learn from the Talent Section of the Hero Architect.
  3. After selecting your desired talent, click Learn!
  4. You can pick 2 talent abilities at level 60.
  5. You can pick 1 additional talent ability at level 70.
  6. You can ONLY pick level 50 and 60 Talent Abilities. You cannot select non-talent abilities or Talent Abilities that are lower levels.
Wc pick 1.png
Wc pick 2.png
Wc pick 3.png

Scroll of Fortune (SoF)

Scroll of Fortune Allows you to reroll any Ability and acquire a new random ability.

While you may not have full control over how your character develops there is plenty you can do to ensure you achieve your full potential. You may not be the one selecting your spells and abilities, however you can determine your Stat Specialization, Talents, Mystic Enchants and equipment. You will even be able to re-roll some the occasional ability if it truly lacks any place in your build by using a Scroll of Fortune.

How Do I use Scroll of Fortune on Ascension?

  1. Open character advancement by clicking the scroll icon by your mini-map or pressing N and selecting Character Advancement.
  2. You can click the spell or talent you wish to unlearn from the spell and talent pages, or from the list of all known spells and talents in the right hand column.
  3. Click the spell, and select Unlearn. You will be given a popup confirmation. Click accept and your ability will automatically reroll.
Using SoF 1.png
Using sof 2.png
Using sof 3.png
Using sof 4.png
Using sof 5.png

Here are some general tips for using Scroll of Fortune:

  • If there is a specific ability you are trying to acquire, you can increase your odds by saving your SoF for the specific level it becomes available. For example, if you really want to try to roll Chain Lightning, which is a level 34 spell, you can save your SoF's earned from level 20 and 30 and use your rerolls at level 34 to maximize your odds of learning Chain Lightning.
  • Reroll spells that totally don't fit into your build first! It may be tempting to reroll at Teleport: Moonglade, but that free teleport can really come in handy. But if you rolled some nice fire spells and melee abilities and your talents are in physical and fire, you may want to reroll that Starfire before you give up Teleport: Moonglade.
  • If you want a chance at obtaining a Talent Ability make sure you have Talent Essence available to learn it.

How Do I Obtain Scrolls of Fortune?

While leveling you will receive Scroll(s) of Fortune every 10 levels starting at level 20. SoF can be used to re-roll an ability. You can check how many Scrolls of Fortune you have by going to your character Currency tab. 

At level 70 you can obtain Scrolls of Fortune from Silas Darkmoon for Marks of Ascension, which are earned by completing Daily Quests found on the Call Board

Scroll of Fortune Availability and Release

  • The total number of available SoF is the same for all players regardless of when they began their Hero. Players can only earn a set number of SoF at any given time. This ensures you are not at a disadvantage if you start playing after launch or if you decide to level an alt.
  • On Release a total of 10 Scroll of Fortune Quests will be available from Silas Darkmoon. These quests progress in order. Scroll of Fortune I, II, III, IIIV, V, ect.
  • As you earn more SoF, the Mark of Ascension cost increases.
  • As additional batches of Scroll of Fortune quests release, the previous Scroll of Fortune quests will have their Mark of Ascension costs reduced to allow new players and alts to more quickly catch up to the SoF cap.
  • There are special occasions free SoF quests release. When this happens the quest will remain permanently available to ensure you are on equal SoF footing with other players.

Some Spells can be rerolled for no Scroll of Fortune Cost

Auto Shot, Bear Form, Sentry Totem and Defensive Stance can be rerolled without a Scroll of Fortune. This is done so players not wishing to have a higher chance of receiving follow up spells from these abilities can avoid those rolls. Sentry Totem has been removed and can be rerolled for free if it incorrectly rolls into your build.

Scroll of Fortune are unique to each specialization

If you have used a Tome of Specialization to unlock spec 2-8 on your character you will see a unique SoF Quest Chain on Silas Darkmoon so you can improve each spec you have unlocked, instead of having to pick which specialization you will spend your SoFs on.

Dice of Talents | Repicking your 50/60 Talents

The Dice of Talents are an on-use item that unlearns your 50 and 60 Talent picks. This is the only way to unlearn your chosen Talent Abilities. Simply right click your Dice of Talents and you will automatically unlearn your 3 chosen ability talents.

How do I acquire Dice of Talents?

  1. You will earn a free Dice of Talents at level 60 in your Chest of Fortune.
  2. You can earn additional Dice of Talents from Silas Darkmoon for Marks of Ascension. This quest is repeatable and there is no cap. You can earn as many Dice of Talents as you require.
  3. You may see free Dice of Talent quests on Silas or the Call Board as the season progresses.

Skill Cards

Skill Cards are Account Bound items obtained at level 70 that can be mailed to level 1 characters on your account and will guarantee that character ONE roll while leveling. For example: Using Skill Card - Execute will give you a 100% chance to roll Execute at level 24. Skill cards will always roll at the level the spell is first obtainable with the exception of level 18 and 28(because those are 1AE ability rolls). Skill Cards that open at level 18 and 28 will instead roll at level 20 and 30.

Important Notes on Skill Cards:

  • Only usable at level 1
  • Can only use 1 on a single character.
  • Skill Cards work across Multi-Specs. If you use Skill Card - Poisons, you will roll Poisons on every spec you know or unlock in the future.
  • Using a skill card does not guarantee pre-requisite spells. Skill Cards bypass the rules that prevent you from obtaining unusable abilities. That means if you use Skill Card - Maim, you are not guaranteed to roll Cat Form, and you will still roll Maim even without knowing Cat Form.
  • Using an immunity skill card will prevent you from rolling any other immunity spells.

How do you obtain Skill Cards on WoW Ascension?

  1. Skill Cards are only obtainable at level 70.
  2. Visit Silas Darkmoon and accept the Daily Quest "All Sealed Up."
  3. Turn in Marks of Ascension to complete the quest, which will grant Sealed Cards.
  4. Open Sealed Cards to obtain Random Skill Cards!
Sealed Card.png
Open sealed cards.png

Golden Skill Cards

Live on realms!

Golden Skill Cards function exactly the same as normal Skill Cards, but allow you to activate a second guaranteed ability roll while leveling.

You can obtain Sealed Golden Skill cards from Silas Darkmoon for Gold instead of Mark of Ascension.

  • Follows the same rules as Normal Skill Cards.
  • Using 2 skill cards of the same ability level like Seal of Light(30) and Windfury(30) will result in the second ability being rolled at level 32 or the next 2AE spell roll.
  • You cannot obtain 2 immunity spells by stacking skill cards.
  • Obtain Sealed Golden Skill Cards for Silas for gold.

Weighted Ability Rolls

Select spells do not follow the totally random rule. The purpose of this system is to ensure Tanks exist on Wildcard and as bad luck protection. The Weighted Rolls are NOT designed to create or prevent builds.

How does it work? Some spells change your odds of rolling other spells. Cat Form isn't really playable without Claw, and a Tank would have a really hard time without Taunt for example.

The % increase is a flat chance. That means you have a 25% chance to roll taunt if you know Defensive stance, not just +25% chance in relation to all other rolls. Here is how it works:

  • If you know Defensive Stance and learn a new spell leveling or with a SoF
  • The system looks to see if you know Taunt. If not, it has a 25% chance to roll Taunt and 75% chance to roll a random ability(note, the 75% could still roll Taunt).
  • So every SoF or reroll will have a 1 in 4 chance of rolling Taunt if you know Defensive Stance.

Here are the spells that alter your chance to roll other spells(Please note not ALL spells have their +% defined):

Defensive Stance Increases chance to roll: By:
Taunt 25%
Thunder Clap 25%
Sunder Armor, Vigilance +%

Shield Block is separate from Defensive stance to ensure 2H tanks do not constantly roll unwanted shield abilities. Both methods of tanking are viable on Ascension as a result of custom talents(See Tactical Mastery). Defensive Stance and Shield block can both be rolled at level 1.

Shield Block Increases chance to roll: By:
Shield Slam 20%
Shield Wall 15%
Holy Shield +%
Bear Form Increases chance to roll: By:
Maul 20%
Swipe 20%
Growl 20%
Savage Defense, Bash,

Frenzied Regeneration

Auto Shot Increases chance to roll: By:
Arcane Shot 25%
Steady Shot 25%
Tame Beast Increases chance to roll: By:
Kill Command 15%
Combo point gen Increases chance to roll: By:
Eviscerate 25%

Eviscerate increases your chance to roll a second finisher. Bonus chance is removed after rolling your second, and the +% chance to roll is in the order they appear in the list below. So you have a much higher chance of rolling Slice and Dice than Rupture. This does NOT prevent you rolling more than 2 finishers. This only helps prevent bad luck of not getting a second.

Eviscerate Increases chance to roll: By:
Slice and Dice +%
Rupture +%
Kidney Shot +%
Expose Armor +%
Stealth Increases chance to roll: By:
Ambush 20%
Sap, Pickpocket, Garrote,

Cheap Shot

Cat Form Increases chance to roll: By:
Claw 35%
Shred 10%
Rake 10%
Prowl, Swipe, Tiger's Fury +%
Prowl Increases chance to roll: By:
Ravage 20%
Pounce 15%
Drain Soul/Shadowburn Increases chance to roll: By:
Ritual of Summoning 20%
Create Firestone 20%
Create Spellstone 20%
Ritual of Souls 20%
Soul Stone 10%
Health Stone 10%

Drain Soul/Shadowburn will increase your chance to roll 1 Soul Shard Spender. Knowing both spells will not increase the chance or create an additional chance to roll a second spell in this list. If you know both Drain Soul and Shadowburn, Soul Stone will still have a +10% to roll. Learning a spell from this list will not prevent learning the rest.

Frostbolt Increases chance to roll: By:
Ice Lance 10%